Tue 1 May 2018 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Zappa Tel Aviv - Raul Wallenberg 24, Tel Aviv, 85 NIS

The name Marc Eliyahu has been glittering for years. Another kind of musician. Mark, the son of composer and musician Peretz Eliahu, grew up in a musical home in the total sense of the word: music is work, love, study and livelihood. Music is everything.
Mark Yank and breathed music as a way of life, and at a very young age (16) began his travels around the world to study music in meetings with various masters. Mark’s control of Kamencha, which was built 150 years ago, became famous. The special sound of the fascinating instrument, with its exceptional acoustics, is far away, and for years Mark has been invited to perform with him on important stages in Israel and abroad.

In the performance accompanying the new album, “Ways,” Mark wrote to his father the composer and musician esteemed Peretz Eliahu, a musicologist and a Tarr player, to the percussionist Roni Avrin and the esteemed pianist Eldad Citrin.

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