Fri 23 November 2018 | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Yafo Creative - Shivtei Israel 33, Tel Aviv,

You are invited to the opening event for ‘And Then We Were Four’. The exhibition will be on until January 31st. Open for viewing every day between 11.00 to 18.00.

Marina Malamud’s painting is full of vitality of a one of a kind experience, molded through intimate moments from life and biographical stories, told through form, not narrative. The viewer is asked to dwell in front of the piece and meet it at a personal and unique moment. An innocent object holds an emotional range and nuance, inviting a lengthy experience that places the artist’s questions in front of the viewer’s.

In an age of instance, tweeting, simplification, and an obsession of conceptual comprehension, the pictorial experience of Malamud brings us back to a place of complexion as opposed to unequivocal interpretation. The meaning is generated from lengthy perception, and the creation of a unique connection that changes from viewer to viewer. ‘And Then We Were Four’ is the name of a still life piece of four objects, that signifies a biographical change in the artist’s family life. The painting depicts two cups and two vases. The biographical experience emerges through emotional nuance, not through clear content. It reveals itself through the brush strokes, the harmonies in space, and in the relationships between colors and shapes.

Curator: Amnon Ron

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