Wed 31 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
אוזןבר - OzenBar - קינג ג'ורג' 48 פינת בן ציון 1, Tel Aviv, 104 NIS

Malka Spiegel returns to “Ballet Head” – in light of demand – another show!
Ozenber Tel Aviv, Wednesday, 31.10, 20:00

Malka Spiegel Vocals, Keyboards, Bass ■ Colin Neumann Guitars & Electronics ■ Gil Luz Piano & Keyboard ■ Ori Frost Guitars & Bass

Malka Spiegel returns to Ballet Head in light of demand – another show!

Malka Spiegel, band company MIMIMAL COMPACT GITHEAD IMEERSION will perform its debut album “Head of Balletta”, 25 years since its release.
“Head Balletta” was the first release of Spiegel and Newman on the Swim ~ label they created together. It was recorded between London and Brussels by the two, and combined for the first time Hebrew poetry with the elements of shogis, electronics, ambient and dream soundings echoing what was happening at that time in the European citrus-pop scene.

Upon his release in 1993 – “Ballet Head” received enthusiastic reviews from leading music magazines. NME called the album “Beyond World Music – International Pop Classics,” and MELODY MAKER called it “mysticism to the masses” because of the album’s combination between electronic beats and distinct melodies for abstract sounds.

In Israel, the songs “Witchcraft” (written by Dalia Ravikovitch) and “Hakol Stream Together” received many performances – songs that preceded their time, and characterize the exception of the entire album in the local landscape.

The album was performed live only once in Tel Aviv in 1993. On the occasion of the show, the album was first published in a vinyl edition.

Another show after the tickets for the performance at the piano festival ran out in less than a week!

Malka Spiegel: Vocals, Keyboards, Bass * Colin Neumann: Guitars and Electronics * Gil Luz: Piano and Keyboard * Uri Frost: Guitars and Bass

Price: 104 NIS.

Recorder – Halilit

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