Thu 21 March 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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Hey here wizards, Nice to meet you.

You may not know us, but we have full disclosure, we know you (not in Krief Yes)

Anyway we sit on the victims has been a period of time, look at the holiday party more banal and resent us.

On Purim we will dance together for the first time!

Over time Purim events lost the quality of the product and dealt with the size and quantity of the audience.

On the coming Purim we take you one step forward or tens of thousands of steps back and for the first time hold a unique masquerade.

Exclusive location not yet experienced, under the auspices of the Mediterranean Sea, located
only 5 minutes from the heart of Tel Aviv.
A huge space overlooking the blue sea that we all know.

The magical musical content:

performances from the Tumurland to Uzbekistan
One of the most prominent cards of the world’s largest music festival
is a direct flight to our festival with confetti and a lot of atmosphere abroad

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