Sat 24 August 2019 | 10:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Levontin 7 - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv,

“The Yemeni, Eastern and Balkan Children” affair is the case of the kidnapping and disappearance of thousands of toddlers from new immigrant families, mainly from Yemen but also from Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, the Balkans and more, especially in the 1950s. Parents were told that their children had died, but they did not see a body or a grave. Many days, it turned out that some of the children were handed over for adoption and some of them – it was unknown what happened to them to this day.

The Amram Association collects testimonies from the abducted families, the abductees themselves and the staff members who were involved in the abductions, and accesses all of these in an online, free and open archive for all required:

among the goals of the Association in the fight against the rendering committees. And the government’s denial:

– Official recognition of the children’s disappearance affair
– Official recognition of the racial background of the affair
– Public inquiry into the medical and scientific aspects of the affair
– Introducing the East Yemeni Children and the Balkans affair to the educational system
– Full public transparency regarding the affair
– Establishing a professional mechanism for locating each of the children
– Compensating victims of the affair


We are More Than Enough and we are most excited in the world to invite you To launch our first demo ever.
Tonight is the Benefit – The money you put in the sale of CDs and tickets for all donations to organizations Amr”m powder racism and violence, exclusion is a struggle for all of us.
In the evening will run a booth on and Marcello’s association with t-shirts, stickers and flyers.
Is a great honor for us to host Shlomi Hatuka, social activist and poet One of the founders of the association, who will shed light on the affair and the association between the performances and will be with us throughout the evening to answer all your questions about the fight. Play

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