Tue 1 October 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Park Hayarkon - Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv,

M-FEST Birthday Celebration

We are excited to head over to celebrate a birthday six years the big guys festival in the country

special occasion is needed location I chose a winner

The festival will start in the afternoon and continue deep into the night!
So please rest well and prepare your feet for the best birthday in the country!

We celebrate and you receive endless gifts!

On our central and special stage, you will be playing your senses nonstop from the very beginning through the sunset and deep into the darkness – the

list of artists who will break you!
Musical B-Day Line Up:

Omer Gani – What shall we say and what is said about Omar? See everything from us from the very beginning, and know you the best you can!

AT At the main event, the DJs from ATISUTO will win, they have been an integral part of the family with us! And this time they come much, much tougher!
Eli Matana & Adidor

Guy Maayan – the new rising star, dear friend who will break your legs!

Itay Galo – You’ve probably heard his name at Guy Pines or at the wedding of one of the most famous in the country! For years he has led Attisoto to be the leading company in the scene! He is coming to the festival for the first time, we are excited he is excited, so get excited too! Get acquainted

Of course, the tired ones we built will have a chill corner, food stalls, and cool accessories!

Our audience does not need to expand .. Everyone at our party immediately felt that we are the best people to come in short the birthday festival of life

To make an order of mind for you, take a look here at our recent event, which was at Live Park –
Some Important Details:

✔ Ticket sales only.

✔ The amount of tickets in the event is limited.

✔ Entry from 20+.

✔ Entry to the event is conditional on presentation of a ID and an e-card.


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