Tue 11 December 2018 | 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cinemateque - Shprintsak Street 2, Tel Aviv,

M.ART presents a documentary by Kirill Serebrennikov “After Leto”, which was produced simultaneously with his other work “Leto”. The film is about the fate of the prototypes of the characters of “Leto” — Victor Tsoi, Mike Naumenko and young people who inspired several generations of independent musicians, legends, founders of an entirely new rock music movement. The Documentary Film Center released the film in 20 Russian cities on September 6, three months after the release of the feature film.

“After Leto” tells a story about an epoch in which the characters of “Leto” lived. Alexander Kuznetsov, the actor playing Skeptic in the movie, interviews Natalia Naumenko, Artemy Troitsky, Igor Petrovsky, Seva Novgorodtsev and Andrei Tropillo about the Russian rock of the 80’s, Soviet youth, Leningrad life and the spirit of that time. These conversations take place in real locations of the movie “Leto”, where the characters come to reveal how the events really happened, to reminisce, as well as praise or, on the contrary, to criticize the “artistic take” on actual events.

Along with them, the viewer enters the atmosphere of Leningrad during the 80’s, strolls down the old streets and courtyards, visits Leningrad’s rock club in the company of its founder, travels to the past with its communal flats and jam sessions, looks behind the scenes of the Russian rock during the time of Victor Tsoi and Mike Naumenko. The film lets the viewers go altogether into the pleasant and light-hearted memories of youth, even though everyone’s experience could be different. The characters’ narration is laid over segments from the feature film, masterfully intertwined with each other, erasing the boundaries of time, and constructing a dialogue between generations.

M.ART is a non-profit, non-governmental, privately funded cultural organization that showcases contemporary Russian culture in London, New York and Tel Aviv.

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