Thu 7 February 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hamidrasha Gallery - Hayarkon 19, Tel Aviv, FREE

Hakaton * at the Midrasha Gallery – Hayarkon 19
Low Tech Nation

Thursday, 7.2.2019 from 20:00
Admission is free

Between the Israeli pursuit of the exits and the image of Israel as a cyber power, there is little room for critical discourse on the politics of technology – how technology is used for political, economic, and cultural purposes.

Hackton is a social event in which members of a community gather for a limited period of time, in order to create and develop together, usually with a technological orientation. Many high-tech companies have adopted the free-form format, without a hierarchy of management, and use it to accelerate development processes, consolidate the staff, and brand the organization as a fun and creative work environment.

Low Tech Nation is the ectone that exists outside of the profit-oriented corporate space to reflect on the forces driving technology innovation, the use we make of it, and its impact on our lives. The event seeks to examine whether art can use technology to resist, criticize, and undermine the forces that drive it.

The Low Tech Nation will enter 48 hours of intensive and collaborative work for 30 artists, activists and technology professionals, and will open a number of pre-selected projects. At the end of the hakaton, on Thursday at 20:00, the projects will be presented to the public at an exhibition that will be open for one evening only.

Among the projects are: Miri Segal’s Virtual Sculpture Project, in cooperation with a group of graduates of the Graduate Studies Program in Art, the Midrasha; The Shmoogle team will open new versions to free search engines and examine the economic feasibility of a non-Google search engine; Hadi Khalil, a mechanical engineer in a high-tech company and an artist, will work with a group of artists and technologists on the operation of a collection of experimental sculptures; A Hebrew-Arabic-digital choir led by Zelekha Levi, a multidisciplinary artist specializing in creating projection and sound installations, and a team that includes programmers and translators; A transparent silver project led by Nir Harel, artist and director; And the Desperately Seeking community will hold a workshop that combines intimate and collaborative dialogue with critical thinking about technology, with an aspiration for a meaningful lifestyle, both physical and virtual

Hackathon organizers:
Avi Lubin – curator of the gallery
Yoav Lifshitz – a hacker of art and technology
Adina Perlman – Gallery Director

Full list of participants:
Aviad Sinmans, Avner Pinchover, Or Inbar, Eitan Heidengsfeld, Ben Schnapper, Gabriel Ben Moshe, Goni Riskin, Gali Lutsky, Dor Zelekha Levy, Dana Friedlaender, Daniel Levy, Daniella Hay, Dafna Talmon, Hadi Khalil (Noga) Ozen, Nir Harel, Noa Gross, Nissim Musa, Michael Hoffman, Miri Ben-Harosh, Miri Segal, Oz Malul, Omer Schonberger, Omer Shach, Tzila Hasin, Rabka Talhami

* The Hakaton is held in cooperation with the American Embassy *

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