Fri 16 August 2019 | 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
Secret Location - tel aviv, tel aviv,

Lost Paradise
Bebo Booking Birthday

After we have conquered all the destinations in South America! And we have done a lot of respect for our Land of Israel, you too deserve to celebrate with us here in the Holy Land! We brought you South America here !!! Outdoors on a warm Friday at 9:00 AM 18:30 pm “We invited you from a variety of crazy artists in the sceneThe artists will be published one by one so you stay in suspense! The number of entries and tickets is strictly limited. We have 1500 entries for the total event. Punk and Van Amplifying Stunning Hemp Sewing Decorations that Keep You Cool Hi my friends and considerate a variety of the best artists and creators the scene has seen. A beautiful and mature audience! ▪ A spacious and large area so you don’t feel crowded! ▪ Increased security according to the amount of people. Ambulance throughout your event.

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