Mon 5 June 2017 | 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Gnei Hataarucha - Merkas HaYeridim, Tel Aviv, 294 NIS

LORDE – live in Tel-Aviv – Melodrama Tour

For the first time in Tel Aviv, the significant pop phenomenon of Now is landing with her new album – Melodrama.

The music world held its breath when, in 2013, Ella Maria Lani Yalik-O’Connor, the daughter of a poet and an engineer, called herself a Lord-ironically, perhaps a real sense of mission-and gave us a new way of thinking about pop; The simplicity of her writing has clearly revealed a large part of the dilemmas and paradoxes that the current generation is dealing with and the vocalism that bursts out of it has proved that these messages are authentic. In fact, if there was a scientific project to preserve civilization on Earth here and now – it must have been a lord on board the space shuttle

The first anthem, “Royalise,” surprised the music world – the idea that a 17-year-old child would succeed in cracking the current cultural code in such a nonchalant was incomprehensible – and by the time of his departure her first album had been named one of the most important debut albums of the last few decades. With success and fame Lord has shown a host of guest appearances, interviews and quite a few gags (including presence in a whole season of Southpark) – sharpness of mind, sense of humor and charm captivating and never ending.

This year there was another ringing slap; When her Melodrama album, released last June, has captured every available ear in the world and has become the album of the year in most respects: from an official NME magazine that for the first time in a decade gave both the album of the year and the artist’s song of the year, To vote on the audience’s feet – on the last tour of the summer, in which she starred on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including an unforgettable and spoken performance in Coachella this year.

Lord arrives in Tel Aviv for one performance on Tuesday, 5 June 2018, the concert will not be divided into Golden Ring, VIP, etc., and everyone will be invited to enjoy the experience that is Lord at a uniform price

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