Sun 4 November 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Drama - Nahalat Binyamin 52, Tel Aviv,

Tizing of coolness, circles of sweat, damp of allergy, spirit of the period.
Rabin has been dead for 23 years.
Fucking 23 years and we have not been able to get rid of that probably, all our other dreams will be murdered in the same way.
3 bullets that killed us peace and security and dreams and the idea that there might be good here.
This time to live is a strange and sad and hopeless time
But we are fortunate that we have each other and the ability to celebrate everything that is sad and the place to do it together.

Will sadden our time-
Maayan Even – read poetry from the blood of his heart
Priel Edri – Poems about Kiryat Shalom
* Karaoke Memory Songs * – write in avant if there is a specific song you want to sing.

Will select the soundtrack-
Autumn and poetry
Omer Wolf
Edri light and Aviv Mark

Video Hart Hammer-
Effi Kishon

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