Thu 4 July 2019 | 11:30 pm
Levontin 7 - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv,

frog hop crew presents, the one & only…

* L I M E W A X *
[PRSPCT Recordings / Therapy Sessions]

Thursday / 4 / 7 / Midnight
Levontin Seven Tel Aviv

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Limewax hardly needs an introduction.

He’s a coke-sniffin’, satan-worshiping, skull-crushing legend. Born in The Ukraine, residing in Holland, Maxim aka Limewax is credited as the originator of ‘Skullstep’ (the darker side of techstep), gaining huge popularity in Drum & Bass, Jungle, Techno & Breakcore scenes worldwide.

Also 1/3 of ‘The Hard Way’ with Bong-Ra & Thrasher, as well as 1/4 of Hardcore Punk/Rave outfit, ‘The Dead Cvlt’. Now, 10+ years since his last visit in Israel, We’re excited to invite you to join us for this proper basement rave with fucking Limewax & Co.

《《《 L O C A L 》》》 《《《 S U P P O R T 》》

Queen Anne’s Revenge are an industrial crossover hardcore drum & bass trio comprised of Meron, Arbel & Ori. They released their debut EP as Q.A.R last year via PRSPCT Recordings and even made their way into the Official ‘PRSPCT’ Best Of 2018′ compilation. They’ve got a live resume of sharing stages with Igorrr, Vandal, Stazma The Junglechrist, The Algorithm, Babyshaker, Drumcorps, & more.
*This will be their final Tel-Aviv set before Meron leaves Israel for Holland just days after – so this is your final chance to these 3 Neuropunks live & in full effect!

Daniel Gold. We Love Him, He Hates Everyone. It’s all good tho, cause behind the decks, he scrambles up our brains just the way we like and it’s not something he does often at all, so catching him at a party is a rarity these days. He’s known for his harsh breakcore & dark jungle and for his past residency with the hardcore/gabber crew, ‘Digger Neo-Rave’. We’re excited to have him out with us again! 666

Gali Hania, the Audio Juggernaut & Technical Manager at Frog Hop, Gali aka Galileo really stands out behind the decks. He’s live sets are manic and exciting, filled with forward thinking sounds and obscure mixing techniques. His style can never be copied. Truly original in artform, Jungle Spirit / Galileo is a must-see act on any line-up he appears on. take our word for it!

Gonras. Haderacore. Digger. Rikavon. Nisuim Ba-Elektronika.
These are all words associated with the word Gonras. Since the dawn of time, he’ been kicking our ass with amens and breaks and harsh noises in underground settings, while (not so) low-key, pioneering the local jungle and breakcore scenes as well as ragga & dancehall scenes. Also a busy man you don’t get to see behind the decks so often these days. Come give him a fist bump.

👿KILDDM Dead Horse
Ron Kilddm, the rasta punk rockin’ junglist also on a mission to kick your ass but at his own standards of sound and creativity. With his melodic and frantic Amenpunky sound, Kilddm is a perfect heavyweight addition to this wild night. His music is currently being released on Amentalist Rec. and he has been bringing out high standard breakcore acts from around the globe for the the past year or so really contributing to the local scene. come skank the fuck out

👿A. LOVEY Frog Hop
Dj A.Lovey is a DJ of many faces, heavily known for founding the outlandish wild-eyed music collective and production, Frog-Hop Crew, with dozens of contributions to the local underground scenes, having out acts such as Atari Teenage Riot, Igorrr, Drumcorps, Anklepants, Scotch Egg, Qebrus (RIP), Otto Von Schirach, Clipping, Culprate and many many more. He co-produced the first ever US tour for PRSPCT Recordings showcasing Thrasher, the label boss and Limewax. Come early, he’s opening the night and setting a darkened mood.

👿RAGI Microchip
Maor Ragwan. Sex, Drugs & DNB. Basically said it all.
He’s the resident DJ of the anarchistic dnb crew, Microchip.
Ragi’s been playing clubs and raves all around the country for the past decade and he’s honestly one of our favorite DJs in the game, with a huge arsenal of dancefloor killer, Maor is always the perfect choice for the soundtrack to your night and if a mosh-pit breaks out, don’t be so surprised. we’re even expecting it. m/

👿VJ ANIS – Live Analog Visuals by Tom Segev (Zimmer)
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70 @ the Door + free chaser.
50 on the Discount List

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** free entree with proof of your ticket to Comeback Kid,
happening just hours earlier at the Barby Club! We’ll be there rocking out before the party, so consider this the officially unofficial afterparty from hell!

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