Wed 21 December 2016 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Google Campus Tel Aviv - Electra Tower, Yigal Alon 98, Tel Aviv, FREE

Event agenda:
20:00 – 20:30 – Snacks, gathering, and networking
20:30 – 20:40 – Opening notes
20:40 – 21:40 – “Taking Your Career into Your Own Hands” by Limor Lahiani, Phd. Engineering Manager, Partner Catalyst, Microsoft.

*The session will be held in Hebrew*

About the session:
Developing your career is crucial and is your responsibility.
Throughout my years as an engineering team lead I’ve had dozens of career conversations with my employees. Over time I’ve learned to identify what made some of them much more effective than others.
In this talk I’ll be going through the top mistakes I’ve seen people make that would block them from growing their career, extending their scope, and taking control.
I’ll be sharing my perspective based on common career conversations I’ve had and what, in my view, can help you run such conversations effectively with your manager.

About the speaker:
I’m curious and passionate about people and technology (in that order). In my personal life, I explore how technology can be used for personal development and spiritual growth. In my professional life, I manage a team of software engineers, which engages with startups and enter[rise innovation labs to work through their toughest technical challenges. Our team shares the work with the developers’ community, in the form of open sourcing our solutions and sharing our learning in meetups and conferences.
I joined Microsoft more than 8 years ago, after graduating my PhD in computer Science, in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks. I first joined the innovation Labs as a software engineer and then managed incubation and product engineering teams, which shipped web and mobile applications.
I do my best to encourage young female students to follow curiosity and pursue their passion for technology and science.

About LeadWith
LeadWith is a non-profit organization focused on empowering and promoting women in tech. Our aspiration is to provide women with the tools and abilities to grow their careers in the tech arena by hosting inspiration events, providing practical tools, creating a supportive community and providing mentoring help.

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