Wed 12 July 2017 | 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Microsoft Accelerator Tel Aviv - Ibn Gvirol 30, Tel Aviv, FREE

Event agenda:
19:30 – 20:00 – Snacks, gathering, and networking
20:00 – 20:10 – Opening remarks
20:10 – 20:40 – “People as a creative challenge” by Noa Danon, Director of Product Management at Behalf
20:40 – 21:10 – “Finding Your Leadership Voice” by Laura Gassner Otting, Chief Catalyzing Officer, Limitless Possibility
21:10 – 21:30 – Mingling & networking

About the sessions:

People as a creative challenge [Hebrew]

Managing people is challenging. Managing creative people who have their way of thinking within a highly technical enterprise environment is pretty much destined to fail.

I didn’t have much of a choice, however, so I started experimenting with people. My people. And the unexpected happened.

In this talk I will speak about hiring and training; on how can we keep the work challenging and rewarding even for our most experienced employees; what can we do when faced with a tight budget for personal development and how managing people can be a fun role to play.

Finding Your Leadership Voice [English]

At every stage of our careers, drilling down to our fundamental state of leadership matters. For those young and old, this topic speaks to those trying to find or amplify their voice towards making change in their communities, their companies, and their world. Audience members come away from this talk understanding their unique leadership voice, and excited to apply that voice in its highest and best purpose in the big problems we must collectively work to solve

About the speakers:

Noa Danon, Director of Product Management at Behalf
Switching hats between UX and product, Noa is a director of product management at Behalf. She worked at HPE as a UX Manager of Service Anywhere and at UI – Human Factors as a UX expert and a project manager. Noa holds degrees in physics, cognitive science and an MBA and she is particularly interested in challenging the impossible.

Laura Gassner Otting, Chief Catalyzing Officer, Limitless Possibility
Laura helps innovators, idealists, and iconoclasts get “unstuck” — and achieve extraordinary results. Through Limitless Possibility, Laura collaborates with entrepreneurs and investors to push past the doubt and indecision that consign great ideas to limbo. She delivers strategic thinking, well-honed wisdom, and catalytic perspective informed by decades of navigating change across the start-up, nonprofit, political, and philanthropic landscapes. Laura’s 25-year resume is defined by her entrepreneurial edge. She served as a Presidential Appointee in Bill Clinton’s White House, helping shape AmeriCorps; left a leadership role at respected nonprofit search firm, Isaacson, Miller, to expand the startup; and founded and ran the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group, which partnered with the full gamut of mission driven nonprofit executives, from start-up dreamers to scaling social entrepreneurs to global philanthropists. She is the author of Mission-Driven, a book for those moving from profit to purpose. She’s turned on by the audacity of The Big Idea and that larger-than-life goal you just can’t seem to shake. She’s an instigator, a motivator, and a provocateur, and she’s never met a revolution she didn’t like. You can learn more about my consulting work at and more about my writing and speaking at

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