Thu 27 September 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Studio Naim - Salame 46, Tel Aviv,

The Laughing Drums Celebration is a one hour long meditations combines dancing with drum beats and silent stages to activate your body and make the experience of silence deeper. It is accompanied by such an amazing sound of drums that will make you want to move..

WHAT: OSHO Laughing Drums Meditation .


WHEN: Thursday, 20:30, once a month.

WHY: To bring in more awareness, joy and connection with your self into our everyday lives.

Please wear loose clothes and bring a water bottle 🙂

Meditation will be led by RASILA DEVA

“The drum has a special appeal – the reason is very deep rooted. You will have to understand it. When a child is conceived in the womb, the child grows, but the child cannot breathe, he has to breathe from the mother. In fact, the mother breathes for him. And for nine month continuously, he hears the beating of the mother’s heart – continuously. It is the first meeting with music and rhythm…
And then the child is born. The whole body system, the mind system, carries that desire of beat, for the rhythm of the mother’s heart… Hence, from this deep biological experience of the child, comes the appeal of the drum.

“The drum is the oldest instrument of music; everything else has followed it. So whenever somebody is beating a drum the temptation is too much – you start moving your legs, you start swaying your body. If the beater is good and really knows how to create atmosphere through the drumbeat, nobody can be there who is not affected. Even a Buddha would like to dance”.


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