Thu 26 December 2019 | 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

End of Year, End of Decade

We are at the beginning of the end, which is the new beginning of the decade.

After two and a half years of activity, with art concept parties at the start, we touched our senses, touched our minds, night and day, and even the beach. After exciting collaborations with Pomo, Bit Boutique, Rhinos, Bee Fuller and of course the impressive Lunar Festival on Purifing Purifying.

After multiple preparatory work, expanding production circles, bringing together content and night time for our family, we have decided that the right date for us is the last weekend of the decade, no more symbolic date for our new family start.

Overseas guests:
The Italian duo Armonica got their start a little over three years ago, and have already touched the hearts of many celebrities and professionals around the world, already associated with legendary labels, Dynamic and Steel For Talent.

There is something a bit exciting that first-time artists come to play on the block, the combination of the sound and the walls in the block together with the excitement of the artists they take to the stage creates energies like first love in the broad.
Enter the atmosphere:

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