Sat 9 September 2017 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Kikar Rabin - Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv, FREE

We are excited to invite you to the world’s largest animal parade!

On September 9, 2017, 30,000 people will march from Magen Meir to Rabin Square and will voice the voices of animals everywhere in the greatest power show ever seen in history.

Every revolution begins with the march. In every revolution, people went out into the street and demanded change.
Whether it is the struggle for women’s rights in the United States (1913), the Movement for Equality of Civil Rights and against Racism (1963), or Gandhi’s struggle for independence (1930).
And now – the time has come for animals! It is our turn to voice the weak in our society and to act for justice and compassion for the animals as well.
It’s time to stop the abuse and protect the animals!

This year, we understand that it is in our hands. This year, everyone is coming. They need our help. They can not fight for their right to live in dignity, life and without violence.

Together with you, the Movement for Animals leads the struggle for social justice of our time! Join us for a walk and together we will change the reality for all animals!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral front are measured in relation to animals.” Mahatma Gandhi

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