Thu 16 May 2019 | 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Zemack Contemporary Gallery - Hey Bair 68, Tel Aviv,

Tel Aviv Arts Council
*Young Patrons of the Arts Celebrating Israeli Creative Culture

Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery // Exhibit Closing Party
+ Wine, Music, Talks & Hundreds of Young Tel Avivis

Kick off your Laila Lavan eve with style celebrating Dede & Nitzan Mintz ‘Non-Destructive’ exhibit, working with Tel Aviv’s buildings scheduled for demolition.

Date: Thursday May 16th 2019, doors open 7:30pm
Who: 20s & 30s, young cool Tel Avivis
Venue: Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery, 68 Hey b’Iyar St, Kikar Medina
Ticket: FREE (exclusive for 20s & 30s)

About Our Exhibit: Non-Destructive
The places that inspired the new exhibition by Dede and Nitzan Mintz cannot be seen today.

During the last year, leading up to the exhibition, the artists roamed through old buildings scheduled for demolition all around Tel Aviv. They made their way into ruins, some of which had been closed for decades, and some that had recently been locked: Beit Shlush, Beit HaRav Kook, Ishmaeloff Hotel on the corner of Yavne St. and Montefiore St., the house on Engel 9, Rothschild 12 and others. All of which are located in the heart of the city’s most central and desirable neighborhoods, neighborhoods that have undergone gentrification and accelerated price increases years ago, which gradually pushed out their residents in favor of luxury towers and boutique hotels.

From these neglected buildings, Dede and Nitzan Mintz collected pieces of life: doors, windows, kitchen shelves, wood and plastic coverings, metal plates, wallpaper and cabinet parts. Alongside the physical act of collection, historical research was also carried out: from rummaging into buildings’ files in the municipal archives, through conversations with the local residents, to stories sent to them through social networks; the artists collected every possible piece of information about the buildings they visited. As in a rescue operation, each of the objects that they chose to gather from the building bore a story, a memory and a historical significance that the artists saw right to save and preserve from the rubble. Each of them served as a platform for Dede’s wooden animal paintings and the lyrics of Mintz’s poems, which themselves are an inseparable part of Tel Aviv’s urban landscape.

Dede and Nitzan’s unique work process, which preserves and perpetuates the existence of these old houses, opens up questions and queries about the urban environment that was – and is not. The use of objects found in abandoned buildings raises thoughts about the historical urban space, about the rapid and drastic changes that this space goes through, and about the social, political and economic implications that accompany these changes. This is an attempt to preserve the memory of a place that was once a home – both in the literal and the metaphoric sense, the memory of a childhood landscape and a familiar and inviting environment. Dede and Nitzan Mintz work all over the world, but were born and raised in Tel Aviv and live there today. As residents of the Tel Aviv, who see it as their home, the scale and the dizzying pace of the architectural changes that pass through it gradually unravel their sense of belonging and local identity, like that of many others living in the city. Domestic familiarity is often undermined by these changes – and sometimes even replaced by a sense of exclusion, detachment and alienation from a home that once existed.

About Our Venue: Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery
Since its foundation in 2010, Zemack Contemporary Art (ZCA) has had a notable impact on the Israeli art scene, and is currently considered one of the leading galleries in Tel Aviv. ZCA aims to deliver a fresh perspective on contemporary art, created by established Israeli and international artists. ZCA is taking an active part in the lively global dialogue of the international art scene, develops, supports and promotes its artists all over the world.

The gallery exhibits four to five solo shows a year and collaborates with leading galleries, art spaces and museums in North America, Europe and Asia. ZCA participates regularly in international art fairs, such as Art Miami, Art Stage Singapore, Art Central Hong Kong, Start Saatchi Gallery and others.

About the Tel Aviv Arts Council
Young Patrons of the Arts Celebrating Israeli Creative Culture

The Tel Aviv Arts Council celebrates the creative culture of Israel by providing a venue for young creatives and lovers of the arts to gather while attending lectures and demonstrations by world class artists, performers, and technologists.

The common theme in our events is a playful exploration of the world around us and the search for something unique that expands our vistas and leaves one with a sense of wonder. All of our private events are non-profit, but professionally produced to provide attendees with a comfortable environment to engage with the arts community, and take place in various venues throughout our great city.

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