Thu 28 March 2019 | 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
AWS Office - Menachem Begin road 121, Tel Aivv,

We are happy to open the registration for the first and most festive event of the Forum of Large Communities of Women in the High-Tech Industry!
We invite you to take part in Hakaton together with about 100 women from the leading women’s industry communities and various professional fields (development, product, UX, design, testing, etc.).
As part of the incubation, you can initiate and develop technological solutions to challenges in a changing world of work.
In addition to working on the challenges, the course will include enrichment lectures, experiential activities and many other surprises 🙂

Participation in the Hakaton is for women of all high-tech professions, whether you have participated in the past or not.

Participation in Hakaton is free of charge, but is subject to approval by the organizing forum.

Have not you been convinced yet? Here are some more details that will make the trick 🙂

Goals of the event:
* To emphasize the role of women in high-tech as equal professionals.
* Raise the number of women taking part in the hakats.
* Finding technological solutions to meet the challenges in the changing world of work.

Why should you participate in Hakone?
There are a lot of reasons, here are some of them:

* Crazy traffic
* Finding a job
* Experience new technologies
* Learning and acquiring new skills
* Develop problem-solving skills
* A way to thicken and add to the resume relevant knowledge and experience
* Excellent sense of fulfillment and success
* An opportunity to check the feasibility of an idea for an enterprise and to create appropriate connections
* Give back to the community by finding solutions to improve the lives of special populations
* Equal prizes!
* Fun 🙂


Who we are?
The Forum of Women’s Communities in the High-Tech Industry, which is behind the initiative, was established in order to create cooperation and knowledge between the leaders of women’s communities in the various high-tech fields. Collaboration helps to promote the position of women in industry and deal with cross-cutting issues.
Communities participating in the forum:
Product Queens
LeadWith – Women Leading Tech
WE – Women Experience
Women in high-tech
The letter
Women speak careers

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