Thu 21 November 2019 - Sat 23 November 2019 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Maze 9 - Maze 9, Tel Aviv,

LaCulture Object / spirit
With The A5 magazine and Gelada
Official Illustration Week 2019 Exhibition
21.11, Thursdays 6pm – 11pm | Opening
22.11, Friday 11am – 5pm
23.11, Saturday 11am – 8pm
Mazeh 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv. (Mazeh 9 st. Tel-Aviv)

**Free entrance

The 2019 illustration week is upon us and with it a large and festive LaCulture exhibition in collaboration with A5 Magazine and Gelada Studio, in the theme of “Object/Spirit”.

This exhibition will feature 130 local, young and promising artists, and 180 art pieces that will be sold at affordable prices.

As a part of our sustainable agenda, LaCulture collaborates with local artists, designers and art initiatives that will be in attendance at the exhibition and will create joint projects in honour of Illustration Week 2019:
1. The renowned A5 magazine will release for the first time an edition dedicated solely to illustration in a new and intriguing format featuring some of the artists chosen to participate in the exhibition. The magazine will be launched and sold in the A5 magazine pop-up shop, to be set up among the gallery walls.
2. Gelada Tours is an illustration and travel design studio. They will collaborate with textile designer Lee Korn, tattoo artist Tamar Bar, illustrator Tom Melnick and designer Itay Blaish. They will launch a handkerchief collection and a new limited edition Gelada shirt. All this will happen in a very special souvenir pop-up shop selling t-shirts and illustration prints created in collaboration with some of Israel’s best illustrators and designers.
3. The potter Rotem Faifer and the artist Jonathan Milo Levitas created an artistic project in white clay and black ink illustration consisting of abstract shapes and a collection of hands-made plates.

LaCulture will present a contemporary art exhibition at prices up to NIS 500, and expose younger and older artists in one exhibition, to make local art accessible to its community and all Israeli art consumers. The exhibition will feature original artwork in a variety of illustration techniques such as: silk screen printing, woodcut, linocut, Aquatinta, monotype, risograph, digital, etc., in limited editions or originals.

The exhibition will take place at Gallery 9, the LaCulture Homebase Gallery, which functions as part of a cultural centre owned by municipality of Tel Aviv.
The theme of this year’s illustration week exhibition is the Object / Spirit:
Objects are material things that can be seen and touched, they play significant roles in our lives in many aspects, but most importantly, without them, we are naked, in a literal way but also in a spiritual way. Every object in our life creates some sort of connection to places, people, times, beliefs, ideas, other realms and so on.
The LaCulture Art / Spirit Exhibition, in collaboration with A5 Magazine, will display for sale illustrations and a first-of-its-kind illustration magazine, featuring a plethora of promising Israeli illustrators engaged in connecting and disconnecting humanity from new and old spiritual objects and dimensions.

Curated by: Itay Blaish
Production and Exhibition Management: Rotem Faifer, Itay Blaish, Gabriel Bienz
Exhibition visual communication:

A5 Magazine Editors & Designers: Tali Green, Keren Gafni, Golan Gafni
Co-editor: Itay Blaish

Participating artists:
Adar Keilin | Adi Ayali | Adi Ben-Yosef | Alice Korenyouk | Alma Green | Amit Moshkovitz Cohen | Anastasya Morzinsky | Anat Gutman | Angelina Nazimok | Ariel Toffler | Arnon Lax | Aya Maaravi | Ben alhadeff | Bina Katz | Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas | Dafna Barzilay | Dana Brenner | Daniel Keysary | Daniel Nahum | Daria Konshtik | Daria Vasilyeva | Dor Bar-Shlomo | Dor Bashari | Dvir Nahmany | Eden Foxiniano | Einat Magal Smoly | Einav Zeichner | Elad oran | Elfassi | Eliya David | Ella Ben Amram | Gad Tash | Gaya kesten | Gil Zablodovsky | Gilad Abuhav | Guy Ziedenberg | Hadar Sultana | Hagar Bareket | Hagar Ben Yishay | Hamutal Hayun | Hatayas | Helli Cohen | Hila Sheleg| Hili Noy | Idan Tesler | Ido Back | Igal Talianski | Ilya Yudovsky | Inbar Caspi | Iris Green | Itamar Heifetz | Jasmine Nackash | Jasmine Rosca | Jenny Ronen | Jenny Schukin | Jessica Moritz | Jordan Tanner | Karin Bental | Kate Frizalis | Katerina Baranovsky | Katya bariudin | Katya Peshkov | Keren Karasik | Kim Kaddouch | Korin Abisdris | Korneliia Kulbovska | Kostya Perm | Lena Freidman | Lian Bronstein | Lihi Ofir | Lior Hilzenrat | Liron Cohen | Lya Shvartz | Mai Akad | Mary Kushilevich | Maya Klinger | Maya Nakar | Meital Shushan | Meytar Gini | Michael Ifergan and Tom Asiskovich | Michal Aharony | Michal Alcalay | Michal Weintraub | Miri Dvir | Moran Cohen | Munbaz | Naama Lahav | Nadir Gil Harlap | Natasha Znavot | Nicole Tobin | Nina Mendelsohn | Nir Feferberg | Noee Zahavy | Noy Cohen Gal | Noya Mizrahie | Nurit Laor | Oded Abulafia | Oleg Fedorkov | Olga Vayshbein | Omer Binder | Omer Schreiber | Or M. Naggar | Or Shlomo Dahan | Oren Martan | Ori Toor | Paul Rozenboim | Paz Eisental | Roee Adar | Ron Henzel Nevo | Roni Bahir | Ronit Butnaro | Rotem Ben Ari | Rotem Naftali | Rotem Sarid | Rotem Zohar | Roy Hermelin | Sapir Eyal | Sarit Bartov | Sergey Isakov | Shachaf Marcous | Shany Dvora | Shay Fighel | Shir Daniel | Shir Mordo | Shira Giladi | Shiran Hazon | Shiran Kricheli | Shiri Vernik | Sigal Caspin Segal | Stav Levi | Talie Gleitzer | Tohar Sherman-Friedman | Tomer Azulay | Vered Grif | Viktoria Shelkovich | Yahali grupi | Yarden Adar | Yehonatan Cohen Levitas | Yuval Kaptzan | Zachi diner

A5 Magazine’s Spirit/Object issue artists:
Oded Abulafia | Dor Bashari | Alon Braier | Inbar Caspi | Dror Cohen | Liron Cohen | Nir Feferberg | Hatayas | Sergey Isakov | Bina Katz | Nina Mendelsohn | Daniel Nahum | Lihi Ofir | Jasmine Rosca | Ori Rycus | Jenny Schukin | Gal Sharir | Noa Snir | Ori Toor | Michal Weintraub | Nadav Weisman | Or Yogev

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