Thu 11 April 2019 - Fri 12 April 2019 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Maze 9 - Maze 9, Tel Aviv,

Theme: Desert / Desert
Passover edition
Affordable art, Pottery, Tattoos, Video art
11.04 Thursday, 18:00 – 23:00 Exhibition opening
12.04 Friday 11:00 – 17:00
13.04 Saturday 11:00 – 20:00
Mazeh 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv
**Free entrance

As every year, just prior to Passover, the LaCulture Initiative will hold its grand and annual art exhibition, which will last for an entire weekend, presenting and selling artworks, pottery and tattoos on the topic of desert, from 120 young and promising artists.

The LaCulture Initiative agenda is to promote the accessible art to the public and expose the public to local artists. Therefore LaCulture usually creates collaborations with Israeli designers and artists in order to produce collections especially for the exhibition in the theme chosen.

In this exhibition, in addition to the 120 artists and artists, LeCulture will host 10 excellent local tattoo artists, ceramics artists Shai Jerassi and Adi Tal [Material Girlz], the potter Denya Mor-Goren and the three video artists: Tom Gan-Or, Yehonatan Cohen Levitas and Tom Kariv.

Tattoos: The exhibition will sell tattoo designs from 10 excellent local tattoo artists at a price of 500 NIS for tattooing. The tattoos will be purchased as a work of art for every thing and will be tattooed in coordination with the artists in their studio.
Tattoo: Jonathan Segev Katya Bariudin Lera Torgovitsky |
Lior Lachman | Odelia Shimoni | Omri Goldzak |
Roy Tsur | Tamar Bar | Yael Zilberfeld | Boaz UNTAY |

Shai Jerassi and Adi Tal [Material Girls] will present a multi-layered ceramic project on the first floor of the exhibition. In the project they created ceramic tools that correspond with geological processes from the desert landscape, after they collected local clay from the Israeli desert, which they combined with ceramic industrial materials.
The project includes three different elements that present another angle of the Israeli desert landscape.
Danya Mor Goren, will display a number of hand-illustrated cups and vases with slipware [black pigment], from recycled and dotted material.

Video Art
Tom Gan-Or – I do what I have to do, even though I do not know why I have to do it. Short-circuiting, infinite.
Tom Kariv – Postman, A short animated film that seeks to trace the thin line that separates individual Western life from loneliness, literally. The message is conveyed through the image of a postman, a profession that until recently its owners constituted an important communal figure, and today some will say, threatening to disappear from the world. In the film you can see the postman decide to take courageous action out of the yearning for human interaction.
Jonathan Cohen Levitas – Before The Law Performance, the gatekeeper is me. The story of a guard, an attempt at exposure and liberation, a call for struggle, loneliness, space and intimacy. My cry will never be heard.

LaCulture will present a contemporary art exhibition at prices of up to 500 NIS and exposes young artists and young artists in one exhibition in order to make local art accessible to its community and to all Israeli art consumers.
The exhibition will take place at 9 Mazeh Gallery, LaCulture’s home gallery. The exhibition will feature original artworks by about 120 promising young artists and designers.

The theme chosen for the exhibition is Desert, a theme that corresponds to the local landscape and the Passover holiday.
In the exhibition we will present works in a variety of techniques that interpret the theme “Desert” in a literal, graphic, sensory, conceptual and abstract way.
The works will come in the form of illustrations, photographs, woodcuts, aquatint prints, silk prints, risograph prints and, of course, paintings and more.
The works will be in limited copies.

Adi Ayali | Adi Marmari | Adi Plato | Adi Resnick | Alice Korenyouk | Alma Green | Anat Ben Dor | Anat Levy | Asaf Harari | Aviv Zucker | Ayelet Geri | BrokenLineStudio | Chen Flamenbaum | Dafna Barzilay | Daniel Nahum | David Goldstein | Deo Sergey Isakov | Dor Bar Shlomo | Dror Hibsh | Eden Twili | Einat Magal Smoly | Einat Rudman | Elad Mualem | Ella Ben Amram | Gavriella Melloul | Gaya Kesten | Gil Zablodovsky | Gili Sitton | Hadass Gilboa | Hagar Bareket | Hamutal Elad | Harel Gilboa | Idan Tesler | Ido Arbel | Ilya Yasinov | Inbar Caspi | Inbar Kassavi | Iris Green | Itamar Asher | Itamar Heifetz | Itamar Makover | Itay Leibovich | Jasmine Rosca | Jenny Schukin | Katarina Erlina | Kate Frizalis | Keren Karasik | Laura Benhini | Laurie Rosenberg | Liad Shadmi | Lian Bronshtein | Liron Dahari | Maayan Erlich | Marina Sharoiko | Marva Tuval | Maya Kedem | Maya Nakar | Meital Shushan | Merav Dror | Merav Lerech | Meytar Gini | Michal Aharony | Mor Cohen | Naama Segal | NAMA | Natasha Znavot | Nelly Skomorovskaya | Nitsan Lear | Noa Gilhar | Noa Orlicky | Noya Mizrahi | Nurit Laor | Ofira Rotenberg | Ola Gofshtein | Oleg Fedorkov | Olga Berntal | Olga Vayshbein | Omri Avraham | Or Shenk | Ortal Barel | Ortal Birka | Paul Rozenboim | Reut Stern | Revital Orkan | Roee Adar | Ron Henzel | Rotem Banai | Rotem Ben Ari | Roy Levinger | Ruth Edelstein | Sapir David | Sarah Dray | Shachaf Marcous | Shahar Avni | Shaked Adler | Shakked Bronstein | Shany Dvora | Sharon Velkin | Shay Fighel | Sher Zafrani | Shira Shvadron | Shiran Hazon | Shirly Cohen | Shy Ben Ari | SIND studio | Stasi Sagol | Tal Gutberg | Tal Marciano | Tal Weiss | Tamar Lewinsohn | Tom Gan-or | Tom Marshak | Tsuri Furman | Tzuf Sharon | Uri Nemanov | Vered Grif | Vered Harazi | Vitali Friedland | Yael Mintz | Yael Zilberfeld | Yana Gorelik | Yanai Deitsch | Yehonatan Cohen Levitas | Yoav Friedlander | Yulia Halizov | Yuval Buzaglo | Yuval Kaptzan | Zemer Hay | Zohar Gorgel | Alex Bolotov | Shir Stein |

Exhibition crew: Itay Blaish, Rotem Faifer, Gabriel Bienz
Curation: Itay Blaish
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