Sat 25 August 2018 | 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cuckoo's Nest - Noam 3, Tel Aviv,

Who will save the generation of Y?

When the Y generation is stuck between logomania and addictive to difficult socioeconomic conditions
We chose Bibi

And as befits a generation that has never left the nest,
We are guilty of common guilt and we are wasting all our pocket money
Big Saturday, August 25, will be a huge second-hand sale that does not skip a sweating organ
Vintage is the essence of existence, without filaments
Clothes, shoes, bags, hats, glasses of @bbriizzz
The hypnotic virtuoso will appear no differently than Odelia Ouzan
The pleasure will take place in the nest gallery between 14: 00-22: 00

Somewhere between satisfying needs and developing personality – we’ve lost it
So Nimrod is together and maybe the karma will come back
The slopes:
Yarden malka bonet
Shahar elhanati
Sheer gadot
Romi Krauskopf Narkiss
Bari barel
Yuval Lubezky Hess
Yasmin malinash

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