Thu 23 March 2023 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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Knesiyat Hasechel “The Albums” – a series of special shows. Show 3 – “Take Songs” Yeshiva 360

Knesiyat Hasechel continues its 30th anniversary celebrations with a series of special shows – the “albums” that will be held at the Barby Club and the Caesarea Amphitheatre. Each performance will be dedicated to one or two selected albums, which will bring back the band and the audience that has faithfully followed them for years, to a journey through time and a period in the band’s career, to the feelings, songs, connection and power that each album brought with it. The first performances in the series were with the “Yellow Album” and the debut album “Whispered Words” which were successful and enthusiastic from the audience.

Each show is an artistic and unique experience, a piece of the complete puzzle that is the Knesiyat Hasechel. The performances will be held at the Barby Club, the Tel Aviv rock’n’roll stronghold, which is a natural home for the band and the audience, except for one that will be held at the Caesarea Amphitheater and will be dedicated to the “Autobiography” album. The series of these performances gives a taste of the significant stations in the band’s life and a summary of 30 busy and glorious years of creation.

In the show, they will perform the hits from the albums such as: run boy, LET LOVE IN, say it’s good, hands up, let me drink, the eternal spring, how does it feel and more.

And later in the series performances with the albums: “Take songs”, “Autobiography, “Lines of people”, “The house is so far”, “It’s not me”

Price – NIS 115 for the first ones / NIS 135 after that

LOCATION: Kibbutz Galuyot Rd 52, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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