Sat 14 July 2018 | 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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I’m in love with this landscape.
The warm colors, this minimalist cleanliness, the infinite horizon, the vast expanse that spread before me.
And what a psychedelic he can be .. How the brain completes the hallucinations alone that the picture is calm and free of elements ..
But the wind often brings with it sharp grains of sand that scratch my face, the sun like a pressure on the back of my neck trying to subdue me to stop and sit … For years I’ve been walking among the yellow desert sands, familiar with every hill, every sabra or labyrinth that passes.

Then, one for a long time, a flower emerges before me, between the endless sand and the blue sky, the cactus from its jaws, the palm trees moving in the dance of the breeze in front of their reflection on the surface of pure water … I came to heaven .. I knew I had to go on, Oasis.
How lucky you were to go in the desert, waiting patiently, we really held back a lot, bit our lips and out of the desert we created an oasis! Oasis

Twenty minutes from Tel Aviv in a totally new and crazy location, with three swimming pools (!!!) the most exaggerated sound possible, desert wav, and our energies!
We kept this line-up deep in the hump of over a year, the most clickable bombardment you could dream of,
here it comes

Filteria (Sweden)
There are not many artists who manage to cram so much color and joy into their writing. But Yanis did.
Pilteria is undoubtedly the artist with the most beloved melodies!
It brings the old seller but wrapped in the new sounds of the day
Every time one of us goes to hear his set, we can not remain indifferent.

Kalya Scintilla (USA)
The truth is that we do not know what’s more successful. Is this project rotting? What we know is a soundtrack that will not leave us alive. This is the most popular basse / galician project on us and on many of the dairy and honey dwellers and are very happy that it is with us this time as well. Touches many layers and layers.

Tetrameth (Australia)
Pete Hayes The Australian genius is already a story and a way of life in our heritage, the number of times it has become an unspeakable extension here.
We also wanted to share that he was armed with several new pieces of his new project with his brother called Shadox
twisted sibling
That’s one big wow!

Merkaba (USA)
A muddy and oily stories project based on the prayers of artists and spiritual music, as defined by Egon Le Magaya, who comes to the show from trees and connections in a particularly unbalanced life.

Rocky Tillbor
Rocky for us is beyond a successful yoga artist but as a family member and an integral part of what we do and believe in.
At the upcoming event we are happy to host our talented brothers on the stage, beyond all his creations that occupy a huge place in the heart and apart from all the unforgettable experiences of the Rocky Rocky is a DJ with the highest grace.

Roi Sasson, the man behind the life project, and the label “Zayon 604,” which celebrated 6 years ago, was founded last Thursday and raves the admiration of listeners time after time. Ro’i has a vision and an angle of his own, and this is also reflected in the music he creates and plays. We are happy to host Roi once more.

After his latest album, Or-Ron left the world of bass music with an open mouth. His great production, the interesting vocals and sounds and the kicking pace make the space a part of a fascinating energy story.

Oshri and Nesher’s Costa, joined a long set a few years ago and since then they have hardly been separated!
These are two of the most beloved and valued people in Israel and one of the projects that have worked the most hard lately. There is no festival that did not go through it. There is nothing we did not play.
In addition Costa will play its new materials that came out on the American label Psytribe then going to be an interesting writer.

It’s a man we’ve long wanted to dance to his set!
Creator, tuner, guitar teacher for sound, and an ardent smile comes to give us oiled sounds in bass and melodic melodies. There’s a new album on the way, we’re just waiting for it!

* Do not forget swimwear and sunscreen

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