Sat 21 April 2018 | 11:00 am - 11:59 pm
Clara - Dolphinarium, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS


Time travels because that’s what time should do …
And the world moves with it and changes shape, and as in every good story that Tarantino has written, there must be some hallucination that needs to be solved in order to reach an inheritance.
It is a little sad for us that the Babylonian decided that the facility / institution called Dolphinarium EK Clara Aka Pacha was coming to an end, another place that the tycoons had taken over and was sentenced under a false race.
But you have to remember that nothing is fixed, not a moment or a week, you have to move and continue to steal quotations from the poems of the wise of us who understood the point. Stay where you are, you will not reach your destination, and in order to advance to a better place, sometimes a sharp change is needed.
So we were happy to receive this amazing honor and make the last party in this place that served us and you faithful to the glamorous summers, where each touched a dolphin and stroked a jellyfish and some lucky even found love.
A kind of place that drags or carries with it endless memories, breakthroughs and borders, and really feels that we are closing a circle from childhood to adolescence and our adult lives.
So here it comes, just before the tractors come in. We’re coming to take down an energy bomb for the last time …
* As you know us, we have already backed the summer season in a new and more natural place;) We have prepared for the coming of the Messiah!

*saturday 08 of July, from mid day till 23:00 in Tel Aviv under the blue sky.

pre sale : 70 shekels – like the age of the country .

at the entrance the price will be 100 shekels

* Or by signing up by the day before (19/5) via the webpage or through
one of the people in the Klika team.

*from age 23+


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