Sat 5 May 2018 | 12:01 pm - 10:00 pm
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The truth is that we are exhausted but happy and before everything we have to tell and unload, we decided to thank you for the display of support and confidence that you showed us at Calara last Saturday.

So like all Tel Aviv Klika 7 years later received an eviction order from home because the suits decided to destroy and renew instead of preserving what is good ..
So which of us did not, we advertised “Looking for an apartment” but only one that allows animals.
Between runs and intermediaries, constant searches have found a sable, such that we can do what we want and without a commitment to the future.
In a light atmosphere that does not have a roof but only the open sky lights up, if we look to the right side we will understand that we are right on the sea. Similar but different, finished finished bat differential.
We chose to open the first event in a more regal manner, an electronic concept that presumes the sunset of a very special vehicle for the first time in Israel and wrap it in a quality trance from the gifted England. And hence progress
For an amazing summer season that we built with a few surprises that will make you tickle in places where the sun does not shine.

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