Sat 8 July 2017 | 12:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Clara - Dolphinarium, Tel Aviv, From 80 NIS

After last year we took part in the EARTH & HEART project which is a roasting project / Merkaba and Desert Dewers who felt the need to enhance the connection between music and nature. This year, we are proud to host them again, this time in a slightly different style of pure music and the alternative they do so well …

Line UP:
Merkaba & Eve Olution – LIVE (Merkaba Music, USA)
Desert Dwellers – LIVE (Desert Trax, USA) 
Scintilla Kalya – (Merkaba music, USA)
Trevor Moontribe – (Moontribe Collective, USA)
Amani – (Desert Trax, USA)
Nativ – (Phantasm Records)
Animato – (HOMmega Records)
Gumi – Live (Sofa Beats, Mikelabella rec)

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More about the event:

Shamanism is a complex of ecstatic and therapeutic methods that seek to achieve contact with the parallel universe and the unseen winds, in order to obtain their support in managing the interests of the people.
In simple societies, the spirit world played a significant role in understanding reality and making life more bearable. It is believed that every person has a guardian spirit that protects him throughout his life, and man is capable of embarking on a shamanic journey in which he meets the spirit of guardianship and other spirits.

In the upcoming event we will celebrate the traditional birthdays of our Shaman brethren and some of the founders of the cliche Shuki (Elad Shukron) Haim (Kappot) Hershberg and Yoav (Yavneh Maatzma) Halevi.

We will celebrate the traditional birthday of the head of the tribe, Papa Waxman, the man who celebrates 64 years, the one who has enriched us energetically all our lives in a tribe and at nature parties, Yaakov Waxman who already experienced the revolution at the end of the 1970s and the leader of the revolutions of the 2000s. Lovers cherish and respect this magical man.

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