Thu 9 January 2020 | 11:58 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv, 110 NIS


So what’s it like to be a freak, actually?

Actually, it depends on who you ask, where you live, or in what manner you approch it.
But if we go to the daily slang that we know and actually borrowed from all kinds of english language speakers then “freak” is a different person in his attire or resistance from social norm. And experience teaches us that it’s a come-together, or in other words, “strange”. Therefore, the word is a kind of pejorative or contempt.

We don’t really like definitions and tags.
if you ask us this is exactly what we always have to be, without this strange definition and understanding that “we are equal, more or less”, but the different are the ones who have changed the world, or as we like to say–the prophecy was given to fools.
As part of the annual freak celebrations, were celebrating our partners birthday , “Zaur” , which is actually his last name, and that he is not such a freak, but he is definitely strange, his aging in a year, even if he does not feel it (grow up already).

Klika of Happiness is happy to announce the event that opens the new year with a quality selection of diverse electronic music in the temple that embraces and respects the music we love so much.

And now after we talked about spirit and philosophy, it is time to expose the artists list:

By Benji Vaughan 🇬🇧
Electrypnose 🇨🇭

Local support by
Modus B2B Genetrick
Osher in dub
Uriah Klepter | Asaf Samuel | Anna haleta
Mi-Ya-Ra | Kosta Rakovsky | Bangoman
Smadi | Tesi | Talko
Live painting by Noa knafo

This thursday we’il meet at the Block club in TLV for a session of music and smiles and a lot of freaky energy, in the comments below you will find a link attached to purchase tickets , the prices rise tomorrow at midnight so don’t miss out a chance to be part of this gathering of pure happiness and culture.

I’il See you soon, lovely freaks 🖤

Details & Info:

* Tickets price:

* 70 NIS for the early birds buyers
after that the price will go up to 90
Final price of the presale tickets will be 110 nis.

* open doors at 00:00


Before starting:

▲ Ticket purchase and entrance is by age limit 23+.

▲ Entry to the Block Club is contingent upon a security check and the presentation of an identity card!

▲ The Block wants to protect the everyone’s personal space, so inappropriate behaviour and harassment will not be tolerated. If you encounter any problem you can contact any member of the club and they will take care of the matter.

▲ Smoking is forbidden in the main room of the Block, in the hallways and in the toilets. In the Squat and Lounge smoking is allowed.

▲ Photography during the performance and in general at the Block is forbidden; photograph with your eyes instead, so the memories and experience are truly preserved!

▲ Do NOT use cell phones in the dance floors, it hurts the friend next to you, disturbs the vibe, and just isn’t cool.

Big Love.
See you soon.
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