Sat 22 June 2019 | 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Secret Location - tel aviv, tel aviv,

We come from love and love will continue.

Greetings to the cliques of happiness. We opened the season, the sun came to smile at us and with it the moon in all its splendor, which, according to famous astrologers, reads in hummus that this season is going to be just extra Ordinary.

At the upcoming party we have a special energy. The energy of joyous occasions, a vibe of excitement that happens here in cosmic unification that takes place once in a decade.

You probably ask yourself what else are these hallucinatory words and why are they so oddly recorded? And why did Madonna fake the Eurovision Song Contest? So here, another little one you understand the point.

At the upcoming event, we are celebrating 10 years for the global booking company even if it is a booking itself!

How she grew up the bastard, she was already two years old we knew her .. modest and corner, in a back-end apartment in Ben Yehuda, instant crush and friendship that can not be stopped. We grew up together, in the Yarkon area, in the junkyard yard, in the cellars of the city and even by the sea .. In honor of the 10 years we are going to meet in the oasis in celebration of the Trance Nation.

Another thing to note is that the Psy-Nation Galactic Radio program comes to lead the event as part of its world tour.

If you somehow missed it, you should check it out quickly. The program was established about two years ago by two special artists you will surely know, Ace Ventura and Liquid Sol. We chose to cooperate with them because their concept simply fits our agenda, to spread the music we love so much in the world, to preserve the tribal culture and to keep the psychedelic Spirit kicking and kicking. This mission is important to everyone who loves our culture and advocates our right to recognition as a way of life.

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