Sat 25 August 2018 | 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm
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Disquiet is an Israeli trait. For a whole year we have been working hard, absorbing and moderating the impulse to break through the borders of our country and our consciousness and hold ourselves back until we can release our souls wherever you choose.

The festival season is the quick launch of our galaxy. It does not matter if you are the advocates of the green valley of Ozora or the residents of the Magic Lake of the boom or in general the fire guards of the modem, in the end it is all around the sense of freedom and the liberation of the soul from everyday reality.

Like everything in life that the simple laws of physics do, “what comes up, must come down” and the trick is to land carefully and airily and not crash into reality at the speed of bass.
Therefore, soon all the tribes that absorbed various cultures and experiences will unite in the land of Canaan to an event that will embrace with love all the brave Pichonauts who come back from the psychedelic journeys.
Imagine a single space, energies from all over the world and fine music that will direct you to the right frequency.
Lids & Forks, please tighten the seatbelts and soon land in the clique dimension.

Twenty minutes from Tel Aviv in a totally new and crazy location, with three swimming pools (!!!) the most exaggerated sound possible, desert wav, and our energies!
here it comes

An important and pampering point for all those returning home from the Diaspora:
Benefit 15% for the price of returning from festivals. Please contact us. On our Facebook page.

In addition, the man and the partner, the partner, the camel and the skunk are celebrating a birthday in our home with the best of the wild animals.
Anyone who knows Moti knows that this is a treasure saved and insured rich in musical knowledge and rhythm style impressive for the … So the musical composition as a member here 🙂

Musical Line:

Prometheus Live – UK (Twisted Records)

Benji Vaughan is the conductor behind the rich symphonies of Project Prometheus. A pure English pasitrans rich in melodies, rhythms and tovests at its best. This will be the first time that Benjy is staying with us and we are an excited writer.

Tsuyoshi Suzuki – Japan (Matsuri)

Siuzzi is one of the most influential figures on the rising global trance culture, the founder of the label Matsuri and Resident in the legendary rivals Back to the source.
Some of the legendary ensembles Prana, Joujouka and more … In recent years he has returned to the sources of activity and mainly play contemporary psychedelic music that continues the line that we loved and grew up on. He is currently working on more collaborations and has released excellent music in his new project with Goken.

Younger Brother | by Benji Vaughan – UK (Twisted Records)

Exiting the boundaries of the norm is one of our favorite things and apparently because of this we are so connected to this project. Fifteen years ago, Simon Phosphorus (Spongle, the Losinogen) and Banji Vaughn (Prometheus) decided to start a studio meeting to create “undefined” music. These meetings led to three albums that touched every psychedelic music lover in the world with hits that became part of the soundtrack of the trance world and caused the project to appear and be played nonstop in the largest festivals and festivals of the psychedelic world.
Now after years of waiting this project is finally landing also with us.

Smilk Live – Australia (Zenon Records)
Our connection with Zeno Records has been coming from the early days of the coterie, and we are particularly excited to land here for the first time in Israel one of the outstanding stars of the label – Smilk. For several years now, we have been following his development continuously, from the moment he started to release music we have already realized that there is something special here. The rumors from Australia were not long in coming, and a lot of friends returning from the distant continent confirmed what we thought – grew up in Zeno Records Aumann that reminds exactly why this label is so loved and takes it with sound and writing to new areas.

Astral Projection (T.I.P Records)

The Israeli duo (Avi, with the bow of “Hello and thanks, I love you” Nissim & Lior, the shy smile Perlmutter) who broke the conventions in every part of the earth:
One of the first to bring the culture straight from Goa in the early nineties with their special charm, which returned everyone who stood in front of them in the square and at home with sweeping tunes.
There really is no reason to write about their music because it is the most unnecessary thing to try to analyze who changed the face of music in Israel and abroad !!!

Brightlight (Future Music Records)

After the last album he released, it was hard to stay in light of the fact that something special was happening there. The lifting of the gear from all sides has brought new, powerful, psychic, and magical treks, just as we like.

Gorovich (Hommega Records)

The spirit man. The bearded smile.
Half of the band Imphirkel and the drummer on Loud In Dub.
So much talent in one person that’s amazing !!!
Burst into the world with meteoric success with an oil and swollen sound full of high quality analgesic and it is so beautiful to recognize the color and its uniqueness in a relatively short time !!!
No doubt Nimrod is the new guru (or, as we call him “Hi Guru”) and the truth is that this is his first solo solo, so he has the permission. Free Rampage:)
The diamond of HOMEGA has been successful !!!

Johny Pablo (Padang Records)
Jonathan Pablo Gavish comes back to us to open the party a moment after releasing new music in the Universal Tribe, which also includes tracks from Sensiant, Spoonhead and others.

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