Sat 20 October 2018 | 1:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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Wow, how do you sum up 7 years of happiness?

As you have probably noticed, the whole section of the coterie is friendships and connections between people. During our journey we experience extreme experiences in which we find people to be friends as we go along.
At the upcoming event, we host the Panda family celebrating the birthday of the great bear in the West – Yehuda Panda and his partner Gal Gal Amos and we are not happy about celebrating our friends.

We also have a birthday party for one of our partners who came from the mainstream and made an amazing turn. Today he knows who Gaudi is, the one who saw It’s Static on Bayonet and asked why we did not close Ben-El (a real story) Doron Levin cake face on the way!

So what did we have?
We can talk about the beginning somewhere between the bars of the Yarkon area – when we were still under the heading of “another buffet line” – about the days of construction and reconstruction (a novel that we had to check out twice with love) in the Bible and the understanding that we were a “clique of happiness” (Which is the legendary “post” on Yehuda Halevy and Allenby corner) and how is life a funny and beautiful circle that we have returned to work with this same team in the Desert compound? We also wanted to give a trial about the beloved Maariv House, and of course, there is the subject of the beloved Klara, which became only a memory when the bulldozers entered and destroyed this endless memory! And if by the sea .. Let’s talk about those who were on the sea or at all about those who were in the forests and outside Tel Aviv …

And what about the forest of Kula, the beaches of Havatzelet, Caesarea, Bunim, Maayan Tzvi, the barbie, Chemical Brothers, Basra with our favorite Australian brothers, Fucking Beatbox performance, the musical agenda and even live performances, )

We have no problem talking about that party in the desert that did not exactly succeed or other things that were going on their way, there must be less good moments as part of the journey and some journey …

We also thought that because 7 is a typological number, we will discuss all kinds of relationships with the coterie, for example, 7 in numerology signifies depth, intuition, thought and spirituality or in general that according to many beliefs in the world 7 chakras in the human body.
There are also 7 oceans, 7 continents, 7 heavens, 7 sections of hell and seven sections of heaven, 7 holidays in the calendar and even seven Jewish worlds .. But most talked to us at all that there are 7 characters on the musical scale … But we realized that it is digging at the end You’ll get tired of us from the number 7 🙂

So we decided not to talk too much and just show you one of the craziest events we’ve ever presented.
With 14 hours of music divided into 2 (yes, that too 7), with cooperation that we’ll talk about a second … and with a musical line that is very characteristic of what we’ve always believed in. Dark, dirty, 21: 4-6 (Psalm 26-36): “It is not possible for me to be a Jew.”

If we were to do sevens in the air for this event 🙂



* Saturday 20th of October from 12:00 to 3:00 only 15 min from Tel Aviv under the blue sky.
* Tickets will be online in this link:
* In case you couldn’t buy preslae ticket pls make sure you are sign up to out guest list tickets a day before the party start.
* Tickets price:
First Phase – 300 early bird tickets will be 110nis.
Second Phase – Till 15.10 will be 130nis.
Third Phase – Till the gates will be 150nis.
At the gates – 170nis.

* Entrance from age 23+

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