Sat 27 April 2019 | 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Ahlan Kalikot, Shalom Dufnikim, Salam Pagans and Namaste Magiot.
A little before the Klika returns with a summer season full of atmosphere as we know it and minutes before the rhinoceros of the bear snakes a crocodile in a deep muddy plaza, we return to our annual tradition and heat up the dormant body parts from winter sleep with a pre-dueling event in the kesa kasse.
So what is actually expected of us? What is the future? Zohar Argov said, “No one can know or predict, and do not ask to learn the secret of the signs of the Zodiac, what is left to you to expect and in the future hope will be fulfilled” or our lips will be funky.
Pay attention to the musical essence.

-Atriohm (macedonia)

There’s a situation called Artyom, and everyone gets confused and only our lives are right.
From the beaches of Goa to the rivers and rivers of Croatia you can find leaves that still vibrate in the trees from this guy’s good music, we think that if you have not heard it it’s a bit weird but it’s definitely a “V” that every trance fan should mark ..
The unspeakable sorcerer from Parvati Records comes to us for the first time straight from Macedonia to a dark and splendid Forest concert

Logic Bomb (Sweden)
In the late 90’s the vehicle was conspicuously conspicuous from the rest of the ensembles, such as Logic Bomb from Sweden. Each entry was accompanied by noble and sweeping melodies and a dark but caressing groove. There is a play we are the first line.

MVMB (Denmark)
When you combine two amazing vehicles
The result is a fascinating musical journey that ranges from
From deep techno rhythms to progressive melodic trance progression.
With years of experience in tight and meticulous production, their unique sound seal is evident in every bit.
And we are very pleased to host them on our stage.

Zirkin & UV
Zirkin and Yubi – Yubi and Zirkin ..
2 heads behind the festival from its first day to today ..
If we start to tell you about their activity in life, there will probably be no place to talk about the other members who play. So let’s just sum it up by saying that when two geniuses take over, things happen that neither science nor spirit can explain.

Rocky Tilbor
Our unofficial rzident and an inseparable part of our musical line, we always thought we got everything from him. He pulls another charm out of the sleeve and shows us that we have not seen anything yet. Rocky’s party is ready.

Entropy & Fisheye
Avishay Ein Hadag (Fish Islands) and Omer Entropy ..
Many times we talk about being dinosaurs in the trance world and when we say these names you will always hear us saying “we grew up on them” …
These two dinosaurs rise above Clicha’s position, together, to tell you a story that will remind you why we so love the Duff’s plaza.

Shai Vodka One of the founders of Pagenka began a little more than a year ago to work on this project, together with childhood friends with whom he grew up. Little by little it materialized and after their first Ivy released in Record Records we are happy to bring them to the front of the stage.

Mi Ya Ra
Elad Miara is Ben Ben and a dear friend who will always be happy and take the square forward. A great DJ, with a great taste and a wide reading from number one …. the most pirate on the stand and the fun to have it all over again !!!!

At the upcoming event, we will join the Hedof family (festival, pagana, magic) for a special event for the upcoming festival …
** The event will be able to buy tickets in cash for the festival without the site fee at 370 NIS – will be standing next to the funds, ask about it.

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