Thu 26 October 2017 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Yung Yidish TLV - Levinsky 108, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS


You are warmly invited to indulge with us in the 3rd edition of…

Charlie’s Magic Cabaret… Rising Again!

W​elcome to the magic…

The story goes like this… one day, when the messiah comes, all the dead souls will rise and have a great celebration! Our cabaret performers will embody something of the essence of this theme; you are in for a rich treat of talented performers, both professional and non-professional. From the depths of the central bus station, the magic takes places against the backdrop of the astonishing Yung Yiddish. Our cabaret is friendly and inclusive, diverse, playful, sometimes naughty! After the show will be a lively jam, our house band will be the skeleton and you will be the flesh – come and bring your instruments, sing, dance and everything in between…

The Line-up so far:

​Our hosts: Charlie Kesem & the Skeletons – performance, storytelling and music, featuring the wonderful house band, Or Stav & Ofer Tevel

Leela Gal – soothing tones ​M​usic
Jamie Gordon – ​s​piritual ​w​arrior ​M​usic
Elizabeth Zohar – tribal fusion Dance
Ami – ​medicine ​M​usic
​Eli & Mendi – Yung Yiddish
​Liora – Through the Hoop
​Eyal Tsabban – weaving words ​P​oetry
​Rebecca Clown – Dazed and Corpsy​

Dead Souls Rising: clowning and walkabout crew to tantalise and tickle your senses
Interactive ​Art & Design: Lichka
Interactive Live Poetry – streetpoet (Amir)
Delicious things on sale from: Golden Sun Kombucha, Leela Oogiot and Yung Yiddish bar
Helper angels (you’re awesome): Nir Badt, Ashley Szlachta, Anick Landau, Michele Kay

Doors and silliness: 20:00
Show: 20:30
After the show: Jam & Dancing!

It’s also just so happens to be close to Halloween, post-Sukkot and the Mexican Day of the Dead, all of which acknowledge our ancestors… Or perhaps it’s a spiritual and inner rising… who knows? We know it’s not Purim but we love dressing up, you are inviting to dress for the Grand Rising Again! If dressing up is not your thing, just be yourself. Pyjamas always welcome.

Bring your beautiful selves, friends, lovers and neighbours!

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