Wed 3 October 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Herzl Street 16 - Herzl 16, Tel Aviv,

Pay-Pay and Herzl 16 are proud to present: Judah Eskender Tafari and Ras Congo!

Judda was born in Gordon Town, St Andrews, Jamaica, to a family of farmers who made a living growing vegetables. At an early age, his mother left the family and moved to England, and Judah grew up with his father. “It was a difficult time, it was a struggle of survival, you did not always know where the next meal would come from, but I always had the belief that God was on my side, a belief that helped me through difficult moments.”
As a young man he learned to play guitar and started a band with friends from the neighborhood he was reading
“The Captive Lions”.
The band did not achieve great success but contributed to its musical experience.
At the same time (mid-1970s)
12 Tribes Of Israel
(A stream of Rastafarian movement in Jamaica) and grew stronger in his faith. At the 12 Tribes headquarters, he met the members of the Israel Vibration band and also
Bagga Walker and Pablove Black
(Keyboard player and bassist who worked in Studio 1 at the time) who recognized his talent and took him to record for the first time in his studio.
The first song he recorded was
, The musicians in this session were Pablove Black Keyboards, Bagga Walker on bass, Freddie McGregor drums and Sowell on the guitar.
When he had to choose a name for what appeared on the tapes he chose, he chose the name
Yehuda Eskender Tafari
Because he was born in July and is identified with the tribe of Judah, he was in contact with an Ethiopian girl who visited Jamaica and she gave him the name “Escender”
Then recorded the
Rastafari Tell You
And 4 more for Coxson David and also for harmonizing nationalists like Freddie McGregor, Winston Francis and Jennifer Lara.
Later he played guitar and bass in a band
Generation Gap
, A band identified with the Twelve Tribes and played all the bass roles in Brigadier Jerry’s Jamaican Jamaica album.
In the eighties recorded along with
Generation Gap
Toronto and Toronto are for various artists.

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