Sat 25 August 2018 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Dance Tel Aviv - Dizengoff 98, Tel Aviv, 80 NIS

In the near future, we will focus on healing the heart.
Before we actually go deep in, we will agree to forgive ourselves, others, the world.
Delaying past events takes away our presence in the Now and what we can create new in the present.

The past – behind us, will not change. And we can free ourselves from the delay by forgiveness and compassion.You can take the important lesson we learned from the events we have experienced, and at the same time release the feelings that inhibit.
With the understanding that forgiveness is for the forgiver, to free ourselves into a sense of security and love.

Forgiveness softens our hearts and allows us to enter again.
There may be a waiting list for the heart and the feelings of prisoners waiting to wash in the springs of love and healing. The so-called peeling layers of the heart.

The process is done together through circular breathing – conscious breathing therapy that creates a connection between inhalation and exhalation and creates a continuous respiratory cycle.
Its purpose is to dissolve and weaken emotional difficulties, tensions, patterns of behavior, objections, defenses that reside within us and do not serve us.
The process brings us to the closest encounter with ourselves.

Breathing is the first to reach and last to go. Everything that happens in between is called life, reality. The fullness of the time interval (life) in a balanced and full breath will bring with it a life full of presence in the experiences of resilience, grounding and transparency.

The song of angels and melodies by Jenny Ben Torah will accompany us on a journey with love.
Music opens the heart and serves as medicine.
The healing sounds of the resonant frequency drive built up a lot after and continues the process.

Saturday the 25th of August
Tel Aviv Dance Studio, Dizengoff 98 Tel Aviv

** Limited number of seats **
Registration in advance – in a notice.
The price of the trip: 80 NIS

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