Sat 29 February 2020 | 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Tel Aviv - , Tel Aviv,

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on the lecture
after a period of living long Baotokrooan
I am excited and happy to tell the stories of
individual process, the difficulties, the experience
and how it feels to live in the vehicle is a

four years ago I made a decision
very brave And not easy: I decided to stop
subjugating myself to rent and moving
home on wheels and the truth … It was not easy
I went on a simple journey … But now I am
happy and happy about him

there is a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the
environment with regular law and he
“Wow this is my dream ”
And the question is: if this is your dream, what is
stopping you from making it come true? What will stop you from

giving you an inspiring lecture to go out and search
Freedom and how you would really / estate
want / s to live and the power to get out of those
social norms that limit us in the way
of what we want and really want

to be inspiring, I promise

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