Sat 22 September 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Black Cat Club - Shevah 11, Tel Aviv,


YOMA Quartet
The group arose out of spontaneous sessions of close friends. Playing the compositions of Avi Adrian led the four group members to a unique and intriguing musical language. The jazzy ideas are being instantly improvised through tribal fusion and ethnical elements, elevating the listener to an emotional, enchanting spaces.
Avi Adrian. Composer, pianist and keyboardist. One of the finest Israeli musicians. While layering traditional jazz foundations Avi brings sharp uncompromised innovativeness, along with tribal and moving poetic elements. Avi performs with the best artists in Israel and worldwide and teaches in the Jerusalem Academy of Music.
Mark Rozen. One of the top saxophonists and musician in Israel. In his virtuosity Mark weave authentic grace and supreme sensitivity. By that Mark spectacularly express his musical ideas. Mark takes part in festivals in Israel and worldwide, and played with top musicians such as Gino Vanneli, Adam Nusbaum and Poogie Bell.
Yossi Cohen. Among the senior Israeli drummers. Yossi’s playing is characterized by rare stability and clarity. Beyond his exceptional technic Yossi serves authentic grooves and exceptional rhythms. Through the years Yossi accompanied the best Israeli artists and took part in major productions in Israel.
Offer Ram. Composer and a bassist player. From rock, prog and fusion offer brings a firm and creative groove. By composing an accurate low base, Offer maintain the harmonic and melodic context combining the different elements to unity. Studied under the wings of Bob Magnuson, Gary Willis and Steve Bailey.

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