Sun 21 January 2018 | 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Beit Haamudim - Rambam 14, Tel Aviv,

The Jazz Festival and Beit Ha’amudim are looking for the next young jazz ensemble and invite you to take part in the “Young Cars” competition at Beit Ha’amudim. The winning ensemble will appear as part of the Eilat Jazz Festival, Winter 2018.

About the festival and the competition
The Eilat Jazz Festival (Winter 2018) will be held this year between February 22 and 24.
During the festival we will host a young ensemble that will take part in the nighttime jam sessions and will perform several concerts.

Who can enter the competition?
The ensemble consists of 5-7 musicians between the ages of 16-22.
If there are players under the age of 18, there is a need for a permit signed by one of the parents to travel to Eilat.
The exchange of musicians in the winning ensemble will be done by approving the production only.

How do you apply?
Video must be sent (not exceeding 10 minutes) of members of the ensemble performing one segment representing the nature of the ensemble.
Please provide details including the names of the players, their instruments and their age.
Candidates must submit their applications by date: 10.01.18.

The five ensembles chosen by Dubi Lanz (artistic director of the festival) will appear one after the other on 21/01/18 at 16:00.
The competitions will take place in front of an audience. The winners will have to meet the festival production requirements.

The competition is part of the “Young People’s Program” – the vision project of the Friends of the Festival, which aims to nurture the future generation of jazz musicians in Israel. A generation of young people who will be part of the festival and develop as international musicians and traditional artists of the festival, and later become the force and lever of the festival. The directors of the festival’s youth program are Yael Hadani and Erez Bar Noy.

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