Fri 24 August 2018 | 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
ZOA - Daniel Frisch Street 1, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

Want to make a little jump to Japan? Do you feel like seeing, hearing and being impressed by a magical culture overseas? Join the Japanese Arts Festival at ZOA!

*** Limited number of tickets ***

Just before the summer vacation ends, we have arranged for you to enjoy a Japanese cultural experience that includes performances, activities, children’s activities, stalls, Japanese food by Japanese chef Manami Ono, workshops (with pre-registration!) And more!

So what’s in the plan?

>>> Traditional Japanese dance – a spectacular show of traditional Japanese dance which will be performed by 8 Japanese dancers accompanied by original music.

>>> Aikido Performance – (合 気 道) “The Way to Harmony with Energy” – Japanese martial arts, a way of life and a peaceful social philosophy.

>>> Taiko Show – (太 鼓) “Giant Drum” and a synonym for the Japanese drumming style. The Taiko is used for ceremonies in public temples and is based on martial arts and meditation.

>>> Introducing the game that drives the Japanese street crazy: Kendema! The object of the game is to be able to pass the ball between the spike and slide the wooden point into the ball.

>>> Addicted to video games? Not yet? It’s time to indulge! Come to play and play at Sony Playstation, Xbox, Wii, dance mat and driving simulator.

*** There will also be a variety of professional workshops – note that the number of places is limited and must be registered in advance:

1. Traditional Japanese tea ceremony – who Kataoka Ehrlich will perform the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, during which she will make the macha tea according to strict rules. At the end of the ceremony you can drink the tea and taste authentic Japanese candy served alongside the macha tea.

2. Sushi Workshop as Professionals – Chef Boaz Tzairi will open two special workshops:
* Workshop for parents and children over the age of 8 (10:30) – How to make especially tasty sushi:
From raw material handling, professional rice cooking to rolling
Exact! And after you’ve worked so hard, it’s time to eat!

* Adult Workshop (13:30) – An opportunity to deepen knowledge about choosing a type
Rice and its preparation, with a detailed explanation of the treatment and selection of fish, the differences between
Different types of nuri and a special emphasis on the various rolling techniques. And finally –

3. Iqbana Workshop, Japanese Flower Arrangement (生 け 花, “Ikero” – arranging, giving life, “Hana” – flower) – Mayo Zdof will teach you the principles of Ikbana. Each participant will be able to experiment with the flower arrangement himself and will receive his appreciation for further self-training.

4. Taiko Workshop, Japanese Drumming (太 鼓) is a Japanese word meaning “giant drum” and synonymous with the Japanese drumming style. Nitai Zelniker, who founded Taiko Life, the first professional group of Taiko Drumming in Israel, invites you to a professional Japanese drumming workshop based on martial arts and meditation.

see you later!

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