Mon 19 August 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Meshen Sheltered Housing - 9 Matzulot St, Givatayim ,

In light of the demand for another lecture in the center area, Japan’s travelers in the coming months: Summer, Great Freedom, Tishrei and Throwing (but not only!),
In the center: the Tel Aviv-Givatayim border, with places for registrants, so that your entry will be guaranteed with a seat. –

Travelers to Japan in the summer – enjoy many festivals, climbing Fuji and long days.
Passengers on holidays and fall – will enjoy comfortable weather, fall festivals and even watch the famous rainfall.
Winter travelers? They also won’t be bored! OFF SEASON season is great, floor prices and even skiing!
and spring? famous cherry blossom, the year was longer than usual.

but in any Aonh- General- passengers will experience unparalleled experience in (the opinion Thi) target the most amazing and surprising world!
‘ve always wanted to go to Japan, and the rest because it is “too expensive”?

Well, not!

Japan is, in my opinion, the most fascinating country in the world and humans seem to spend a fortune on building spacecraft, exploring distant planets, when they only need to buy a plane ticket to Tokyo!

In a lecture, I will present a recommended plan for a 10-to-3-week Japan trip. Providing useful time management tips and everything that can fit any traveler, both adventurous and solid backpacker,

I will also talk about: – Tokyo, the true city of lights of the world: where to stay, where to eat and spend, places to look and see Tips are equal.

– proposal to 7 days outside Tokyo, while maximizing the JR PASS: optimal route and destinations from Some wit.

– Planning Transit optimally and tips for those who still want a car.

– When to go? Recommended seasons with appropriate sites and festivals each season.

– How much, really, does a day of living in and out of Tokyo cost? – Special customs to be noticed and cultural differences.

– Things that are “only in Japan”. (There are loads!)

Recommended Japan Travel Directions

pleasure is guaranteed!

About the Lecturer: Irit Debi, who lived in Japan, worked at Sony, is on the Israel-Japan line from 2000, an internet entrepreneur and the site “YAPANIT”, will present you with Japan as a fascinating destination, while also being accessible and friendly to travelers.

the number of seats is limited!

Admission fee:
NIS 50 with early registration, until 13:50, August 18,
NIS 60 – after and on the day of the lecture.

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