Mon 14 January 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
ZOA - Daniel Frisch Street 1, Tel Aviv, 150 NIS

Nitay Zelniker, Einat Chitayat Nahmani, Maho Sato, Orit Zelniker, Alon Nataf, Kyo Okada, Oki Daki

Taiko Life
In its first Album Performance: “The Opening Key”

The Israeli Taiko Life team in a special, one-of-a-kind performance that will present the drum power of Japan on stage alongside local musical artists.

***Pre-sale of tickets: 135 NIS

ZOA TLV | Daniel Frisch Street 1 | Tel-Aviv Yafo

Taiko (太鼓) is the Japanese word for drum. The energy, power, and frequency that the taiko drum produces awakens and reminds the listener of the connection with life, with art, and with meaning.

The Taiko Life technique combines synchronized group drumming, surprising drumming positions, with an emphasis on clean and connected consciousness.

In the new album, the members of Taiko Life (Nitai Zelniker, Maho Sato, Einat Chitayat, Orit Zelniker, Alon Nataf) connect between distant musical worlds using the Japanese drum as the common thread: they will be joined by Noa Zulu – the didgeridoo Artist and the ethnic tribal trans band Savanna (Noa Zulu, Nitai Zelniker, Shai Nobel) which will lead the audience into the world of trans, the singerTsvia Bar-Abarbanel voicing ethnic Jewish Yemenite hymns and the contrabass musician Orit Zelniker in a duet with the taiko drum.

A Japanese cocktail hour will open this special evening at 20:00, led by the chef Kyo Okada who will serve 2 Japanese dishes alongside Sake, and the famous mochi dish. The performance will begin at 21:00.

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