Wed 2 October 2019 | 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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“Those who wish to make their sexuality into an art form have to first heal the excessive amounts of guilt and shame around their naked body, their genitalia, and their sexual arousal. Have you ever seen a painter being ashamed of his paintbrush? A musician that is ashamed of her instrument? or poets that are ashamed of their words?” – Pele Ohad Ezrahi [An ISTA lead faculty]

What is ISTA?
ISTA stands for the International School of Temple Arts, an international mystery school that
is reviving the temple arts and offering spiritual transmission through sexual shamanism.
All around the world, ISTA offers 1-week seminars, conferences, and festivals connecting
consciousness and sexuality and creating a global network of communities.

We are thrilled to invite you to the 7th international ISTA Festival being held annually in Israel.
The theme for this year’s Festival is the Temple Arts – the connection between Eros, Expression, and Creativity.

We are excited to invite you to join us for 4 full days from 2-5th of October 2019.
A long weekend of workshops, lectures, parties, live music shows, temples, and meaningful community experiences.
Come celebrate, explore, learn, grow, laugh, and cry. Come to remember…
The festival is open for anyone and everyone who is interested in conscious sexuality, beginners and veterans alike. All of this awesomeness will take place in “Metzokei Dragot” on the cliffs of the Judean desert, with an astounding view towards the dead sea.

Later on, we will Publish the full program and a list of the international teachers and artists coming to share their gifts at the ISTA – Temple Arts Festival. What Guides us in building the program is international quality and a connection between the teachers and the unique frequency that ISTA holds in the world.

The festival will have 6 temple spaces, each will stand for the flow of eros through one of the 6 Temple Arts. In the last night of the festival, all of these arts will flow like rivers into one big festive temple in which we will all go deep into the mystery. These are the six arts that the festival will be dedicated to: Touch, Ritual Theatre, Movement, Sound, Visual Art, And wisdom.

“What are the ways in which we can help human souls remember their source? Remember why they came here, to this earth and how can they best be of service? What are the ways to help people heal from blockages in their system that can make them ill and suffer in body and spirit? These are the type of questions Shamans, priestesses and priests have asked themselves in various temples around the ancient world. The Temple Arts were all the different answers: Sacred Dance, Ritual Theater, Utilizations of Plant Medicines, Meditation, Oracle/Prophecies, Divine Music and Poetry, Magic, Sacred Geometry and of course — the ecstasy of Eros and Sacred Sexuality.
ISTA is the school of Temple Arts. In the creation of Temple Arts ISTA Festival, we aim to bring back the fuller and more holistic picture, where Eros is welcomed into all other forms of Temple Arts, and they are all here to connect us, with celebration and depth, to the divine source. We aim to encourage more participatory ritual, art explorations with themes that will carry throughout the four days. We wish to include workshops/ceremonies that can build upon the previous and interweaving of sessions to culminate towards bigger and more inclusive ceremonies for the entire festival. Overall the body, heart, mind and spirit shall all be touched in the Temple Arts Festival and opened wide, to allow the Ecstatic Current and flow to heal the individuals and community”.

Early Devils – For ISTA Level 1 Graduates only – Sold Out

These tickets are available for all:

Early Angels –

Early Seeker –

Full Dragon –

Full Price –

*It is possible to cancel your purchase in the following 14 days from making the purchase as long as the cancellation is not in the 7 days before the festival. At the time in which cancellation is possible a 5% Admin Fee will be charged off the sum of the purchase. After 14 days from making the purchase or at the 7 days before the festival – it is not possible to cancel.

The ticket includes participation in the festival and most of its content.
Camping at the festival’s site with your own gear is included in the ticket – There are toilets and hot showers accessible at the site.
It will also be possible to purchase rooms in advance – More info will be announced soon.
There will be nurturing vegetarian food and goodies available for purchase at reasonable prices during the festival.

We are excited towards the shared journey that awaits for us. Such an event has never happened before in this way. We invite you to jump with us into the mystery and see what treasures are there to be found.

The ISTA festival Team
Makatu, Yehoo, Dawn & Ohad


Pay attention:
This festival includes nudity, sexual content, and activities that move our bodies and emotions.
Each participants process is an individual process happening in a festival space shared with many other participants. A certain level of self-responsibility is required to navigate in the sexual shamanic realm healthily.
People that suffer from a known and deep-seated trauma, unstable mental states or a health issue that might be dangerous are asked to consult with doctors and other professionals regarding their participation in the festival. If you consulted with a professional and got the approval to take part in the festival, please let us know.

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