Sun 12 May 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Namal Tel Aviv - Namal Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv,

The Story Of Israel Through Its Eurovision Songs

The story of the State of Israel told through the artists and songs chosen to represent it in the Eurovision song contest. From the first participants to the present day, from the kibbutz generation to the Selfie generation, from the messages of national empowerment to LGBTQ pride, female and personal empowerment.

A visual lecture with Israeli “Chutzpah” presented at a rapid pace, accompanied by video art connecting milestones in history to current events. Showcasing Israel’s desire to influence its international image by choosing songs that reflect the changing local reality.

A graduate of Bezalel Academy, Niro Taub is a lecturer and interdisciplinary artist in the area of Visual Communication. Niro is a certified tour guide specializing in the analysis of culture and society through the world of art, design and graffiti in particular (NIRO TRIP).

This 75 minutes show is in English.
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