Thu 6 September 2018 - Sun 9 September 2018 | 4:00 pm
Meever - Mitzpe Ramon, Mitzpe Ramon,

This Teder Earth is first and foremost a community
A community of wonderful people connected to the earth and everything it brings to our lives

Just before Rosh Hashanah, we’ll meet to celebrate the earth, celebrate life, bring something new into our lives

Rosh Hashana is a period of new beginnings, a period full of energy that brings with it the birth of man in the spiritual sense

We’ve been excited to celebrate together!

Earth Festival of Israel, celebrates a year!
We are very excited to invite you to be part of and celebrate with us

Our vision is to bring the earth through different levels of communication and expression, to build a supportive and enabling community, one that brings with it presence and security
We have a genuine desire that every person in the space meet all the pairs of eyes, and together we will create a stable and nutritious core of earth

– A connection to the frequency of the earth sustains our whole world
Connecting to ourselves, our breathing, our movement and our inner voice.
All this creates a movement that connects us to this moment.
Together, we create the reality we want every day by choice.

when is it happening? 6-8 / 9/18
where? In the enchanting space in Mitzpeh Ramon

At any moment in the festival we meet ourselves through workshops such as African drumming, Hatha Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, in the quiet moments with ourselves and in the common spaces where breathing therapy workshops and mud contact are held

The festival is an opportunity to experience the earth through its actions, from the encounter of the body with the earth, together with a variety of workshops dealing with areas directly connected to our life on earth, from our diet, mud building, traffic workshops, For in-depth healing.

The music is a significant part of the connection to the land, from the connection to ourselves and throughout the festival we will experience live performances, dances at parties and meetings with live music with plenty of musicians in the common spaces and around the central fire

The program will soon be complete, and meanwhile the DJs will make us dance

✪ Muli Mankovetski
✪ Jacob Vardan Jivan
✪ Amir Pe’er
✪ Jonatan Pettra

We are expected to have three magical days that will be accompanied by live music by wonderful musicians

✪ Uria Tsur
✪ Noa Zulu
✪ Bella Izgaev
✪ Guy Zandy Zandman

The healing spice is especially designed for a moment at a festival where you will ask for quiet
It is a meeting place with healers and healers. It’s a space for contemplation, for conversation, for getting in touch, for a hug, for a moment to be

The children’s complex includes workshops, soap bubbles, children’s yoga and Bilbi’s play, reading stories and more.
Food is an important element in connecting to the land, making sure the Chai Shop will be especially pampering, serving vegan meals and equal desserts

The energy of the desert and the proximity to the earth make the entire journey exciting and profound

Children up to 12 years old free
Youth 13-16 – 140 NIS
Accompanied by an adult *

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