Thu 1 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Gan Meir - King George Street, Tel Aviv,

Screening of short Israeli gay films under the stars in the Meir Garden in cooperation with the Gay Film Festival!

Entrance is free, but conditional on pre-registration 
* It is recommended to come with a mat or a blanket for the meeting)

Director: Bar Cohen
Israel, 2018, 7min, Hebrew with English subtitles
Hilla, a young trans woman, has locked herself in her home and will not leave the house. When her neighbour comes knocking at her door, demanding that she dispose of the trash bags she’d left out in the building corridor, she must confront both him and the outside world.

Director: Ronnie Zidon
Israel, 2019, 18min, Hebrew with English subtitles
On the evening she is awarded the Best Blogger Award, a self-centred online celebrity comes home to discover her partner has changed the locks and doesn’t ever want to see her again. Sunny seeks shelter in the streets of Tel Aviv but soon realizes that however many followers you have, it isn’t going to make you feel any less lonely.

Your Mother will Love Me
Director: Omer Harel
Israel, 2018, 12min, Hebrew with English subtitles
On their way back from a secret romantic getaway, Shaked and Perry’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Much to the two teen boys’ surprise, Shaked’s mother beats the tow truck to the scene and the discovery of their relationship will be put to the test.

Director: Aviran Ran
Israel, 2018, 11min, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Sahara abu Jamal, 19, lives in the Occupied Territories. She is engaged to Walid abu Said, 30 of Jaffa, as part of an arranged marriage. While being searched at a security checkpoint, in the darkest and bleakest of places, sexual tensions arise between Sahara and the checkpoint’s Chief female officer.

Mini DV
Dir: Shauly Melamed
Israel, 2019, 9min, Hebrew with English subtitles
12-year-old Shauly is given his first ever video camera. Fourteen years later, he revisits his earliest cinematic experimentations and amongst them, discovers some long-forgotten footage he had shot with his friends; films that were hiding his deepest, darkest secret.

Director: Rachel Gawie
Israel, 2019, 14min, Hebrew with English subtitles
A group of childhood friends show up at a hospital to say their goodbyes to Nitai who is off to New York to undergo a heart transplant. One of the friends, Shira, spots the hospital café’s barista and realizes she’s super into her. The rest of the gang come to her aid.

Homo Sapiens
Director: Bar Friedman
Israel, 2019, 20min, Hebrew with English subtitles
A student who has yet to fully mature and who is also a bit on the ignorant side, has to study for an exam with his gay schoolmate. In the runup to the exam, he commits just about every PC faux pas under the sun but at the same time, gets to do a lot of learning – and not just for the exam.

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