Tue 7 May 2019 | 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Gnei Yehoshua - Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv,

Because of the longing – which has always lived within us; For the sake of hope – to create a good future for everyone here.
That is why we hold the joint memorial ceremony. Because we refuse to sever the connection between the past and the future; Because we understand that it is precisely us, the ones who paid the most expensive price that a reality chooses to choose violence as a solution to disputes, that we must be a living example of another possibility.
The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony will take place on this 14th anniversary, and more and more people are arriving every year. The ceremony, beyond being a memorial service, has become the symbol and brave public statement of anyone who wants to choose the path of peace over the path of war. Or as David Grossman said in his speech at the ceremony last year: “I wish that in seventy years our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Palestinians and Israelis, will be here, each of whom will direct his version of his national anthem, but there is one line they can sing together in Hebrew and Arabic: In our country, ‘and perhaps then, at last, it will be a realistic and accurate description of the two peoples. ”
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