Sat 10 June 2017 | 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Skyroom - Ben Yehuda 1, Tel Aviv, 50 NIS


In the Tel Aviv reality of 2017, things are no longer special, but in a moment of creativity it comes with a sparkle. Nothing is colored anymore, everything is black and white, and then suddenly when you mix the brush you get shades that we did not know. In the Tel Aviv reality of 2017 be different from this mainstream and without notice when you are mainstream you will be different. In the Tel Aviv reality of 2017, we need to make it special, colorful, different and familiar, high and low, fast and slow…

On the 10th of the 6th the Ismi Salma¬†celebrate their birthday, 3 years of mainstream gathering for the most different place¬†that was here. Prepare yourself for “PLAYGROUND” Our new playground is a colorful experience that will surprise you from the beginning to the end.

Saturday, 10/6 at 17:00 with an amazing sunset on the beautiful roof in the city/ electronic opening by Eliezer Perez for an appetizer. After him the connection will be made by Ran Ziv (DJ Ran Ziv) in shades of rough that should not be missed. And Ronen Lavie (DJ Ronen La-V) has the highest songs.

NOTE: This party is at Skyroom (ex Langa, ex Valium), on Ben Yehuda 1.