Fri 12 April 2019 | 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Kfar Hayarok - Ramat Hasharon, Ramat hasharon, 180 NIS


Symposium Ishtar V in the number is on the way this time: orgasm as a way of life.

We invite you to a serious and in-depth seminar on a topic we all deal with every day – sexual pleasure.
The world is evolving, human consciousness is expanding and renewed, and with it the study of human sexual pleasure.

Our orgasm and those we make love with can be a bit elusive, sometimes felt like a short sneeze, superficial and inadequate … and can be a world of bodily sensations, vibrations and expansions of consciousness and connection to God.
Between these extremes we will take you to a deep observation of orgasms and pleasure, learning, and the opening of consciousness to new possibilities.

In the seminar we will explore the possibility of living an orgasmic life, a life full of pleasure in all areas and all moments, as a result of orgasmic development and the choice of learning a new way of life, a way that is taught in sexuality but takes us from sexuality to every moment of existence and to every field.

You are invited to learn from the Western scientific research on orgasm and from the ancient and ancient shamanic Tantric research.

Is this orgasm a personal experience or is it a cultural experience ??
What is the difference between female orgasm and male orgasm?
What are our orgasmic barriers?
Is the male sexual pleasure really so simple, or have we not yet discovered a whole world?
Can everyone be multi-orgasmic?
How do you approach ecstasy?
What is an orgasm of the whole body?
And more …

During the seminar we combine knowledge from a variety of disciplines and disciplines, inviting professionals, therapists and facilitators, and the general public to explore with us.
Come on, promise it will be delightful!

Technical Details and Price:
Will take place on April 12, between 8: 30-14: 30
In Kfar Hayarok in Ramat Hasharon.
Pre-sale until 31/3
Price: 140 NIS including hot drinks
From 1/4 until the day of the event
Price: 180 NIS

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