Wed 17 January 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Dizzy Frishdon - Dizengoff 112, Tel Aviv,

Who believed that it was the movements of the drunken drunkard who would help us, not the economist or the investment manager,

Discover where and how you can change and influence your investments and get richer, with two main features perseverance and tolerance.

There are endless studies from all over the world, including studies of Nobel Prize winners in economics showing black and white, what seems rational is not really what the investment manager chooses for you.

And when it comes to our investments and savings,
They hit us with hundreds and thousands of shekels that will not reach us in the end.

In the lecture we will present:
A method in which 50% of the American public manages its investments, and in Israel only a few tens of thousands (instead of millions who need)

We will teach in the lecture:

How to manage our investments so that we will benefit from them more than just the investment manager

How irrational decisions by investment managers hurt us

How to overcome fears in the capital market

How to take advantage of tax benefits and not even pay capital gains tax

How can anyone in simple operations multiply and if he has enough character to triple his savings

We will learn to manage the funds as the legendary investor Warren Buffett

The lecture is suitable for all:
* Anyone who has savings (investment portfolio / study fund / provident fund)
* Those who really want to live with dignity after retirement age
* Whoever understands that in order to achieve – you have to take care of yourself
* Anyone who wants to start understanding the capital market

He will deliver the lecture:
Adv. Yoav Zelikovich, licensed portfolio manager with more than 10 years experience in investment management

Yoav manages the investments using a method called: value investments,

The investment of value rests first on the psychology and character of the investor,
So in simple and uncomplicated actions it is possible, over time, to succeed in a giant,

Or as Warren Buffett says: “You do not have to be a rocket scientist to make investments,” all you have to do is control the impulses that make others wrong. ”

Yoav has lectured at many places of work, such as the Israel Electric Corporation, HOT, Intel and others.
In addition, Yoav holds a valuable investment course at B.D.O.

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