Mon 30 July 2018 | 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Be All - Yigal Alon 94, Tel Aviv,

*** Registration is required in advance.

How do you measure the progress of a start-up? Between “I have an idea” exit has so many numbers, and excels, and tricks-and those that are really important and distracting.
With the growth of Jolt, we realized that there are a lot of things that need to be measured regularly to make sure we meet our goals. Suddenly all kinds of words began to appear to the team
KPI, LTV, Cohort Retention, Vanity Metrics, Unit Economics, Business Model ….
A few weeks ago, the entire team at Jollet gathered at the Start-Up 101 Workshop – three hours during which we passed the index, and learned how it is measured, and why – how it affects the business – Calculate it alone. The goal was for all the company staff to be partners and to understand all the terms thrown into the air, the next time someone says “it’s not in the model” everyone can understand why and find solutions to the challenges – at the Excel level – at the end of the workshop every employee in Jolt has already built a business model for himself and his son alone Calculations of
Gross profit versus net profit taking into account such mysterious things as COGS and Utilization and a deep understanding of what this means a business model of a company that sells memberships.
The sexy and familiar side of start-ups lives in presentations – but the truth is that the real secrets of start-ups actually live in Excel.
We decided to offer the workshop in a one-time manner to employees and entrepreneurs in startups or high-tech companies (and especially those who sell a renewable subscription to something) would like to purchase these tools.
So if you or someone you know works in high-tech, or set up a start-up, or want to learn more about how startups measure themselves, you are invited to a free 3-hour workshop in Tel Aviv. The number of places is limited – please do Attending and register at the link above 🙂

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